Tuesday Teaser!

I should tease, because it rhymes with Tuesday, sort of…er, well, it starts with the same letter! And I have a book coming out April 8th! It’s a new direction for me–BDSM. It’s also m/m/f. 😉 The book is called Bound to be Taken and it’s the first in a series called Emergence. I’m so excited about this book. It’s my baby. So, how about I share an excerpt to get the ball rolling!? Enjoy! Becca

BoundToBeTaken300“Stephanie.” Aiden waited for her to look up at him. “We need a sub.”
“A what?”
He had to tell her. Shit, they couldn’t just waltz into a fetish club on a Friday night with a woman this uninformed. It wasn’t fair to her. Plus, they needed to prepare her a bit. If they didn’t teach her a thing or two between now and then, she’d never fit in, and no one would believe she was submissive. Not that he cared much what other people thought, but it would sure make the evening smoother if he laid down a few cards now…and added to them every day this week.
“A submissive. It’s a…BDSM club.” Aiden paused for that to sink in.
There was a fraction of time when Aiden was sure the earth paused. At least for Stephanie. She stared at Aiden’s face in shock, her eyes wide and her mouth open. Aiden glanced at Dane when she flinched and found his partner’s hand had wandered up her thigh.
Stephanie jerked her leg free of his clutches and stood. She shook her head and mumbled under her breath while she glanced around. “I…I… I have to go. Did we leave my shoes in the kitchen? I…have to get back to work…somehow.” She scrambled for the door, and Aiden followed her with Dane at his rear.
Aiden pondered her last word. He doubted she was concerned about her method of arrival at work, but rather her mental ability to function this afternoon. She was flustered. And the look on her face had been priceless. She blinked several times. Her cheeks pinkened almost instantly. And Aiden’s cock grew stiff. He fought a groan.
They had to let her go. If she never spoke to them again, there was nothing they could do. All they could hope for was that she pondered the idea and faced them later.
“I know it’s a lot to ask.” Aiden intended to get a few more words in before she disappeared. “We don’t mean to insult you. And I promise we would never do anything that made you uncomfortable. We just need you to go with us, maybe participate a little? Just enough for it to be believable.”
Stephanie gathered her shoes, stockings and purse at the door. She turned back to them with her hand on the knob. She was shaking. In fear? Disgust? Curiosity? “Why are you so interested in pretending to be straight for an evening? Aren’t you gay?”
Aiden gasped. Oh God. She totally had the wrong impression. How stupid of them. He shook his head. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize you thought we were gay. We’re bisexual. We enjoy women as much as men.”
Dane stepped toward her but Aiden grabbed his arm. They needed to let her go.
“Wait. If you thought we were gay, why did you want one of us to go to your company party on Saturday?”
Stephanie opened her mouth to speak, but then shut it just as fast and fled the apartment.
The door shut with a resounding click that made Aiden shudder. “Fuck.”
“Yeah. That could’ve gone better,” Dane added.

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