New Release – Predator’s Claim!

Well, I’ve been a little bit nervous waiting for this week.

Yesterday saw the launch of my latest paranormal romance Predator’s Claim, Gemini Island Shifters 4. Yes, this dishy dude…the one with the major biceps. (Boy, did artist Lyn Taylor find me an awesome cover man, or what? Of course, the woman is beautiful too, but did you see those biceps??)

LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShop


Anyhoo, I’ve been anxious waiting for this one to drop because I have resisted writing about wolf shifters for a long time. Sure, they’ve been in the background on Gemini Island, patrolling and manning the security office, but I haven’t ever made a wolf a main character.

This was done intentionally. As much as wolves are by far the most popular shifters out there, I was concerned about writing “just another wolf.” Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some awesome wolves out there (just check out the work of some of my Love, Lust and Laptops pals). However, I was worried about my wolf getting lost in the mad shuffle of raging hormones and hairs standing on end.

As with any book, most writers probably think “How do I make this one stand out?” Well, Lyn’s cover art work has certainly helped! And as with all my shifters, I have put the emphasis not so much on the animal, but on the character’s humanity. Sure, it was fun researching wolves, and my hope is that in reading this book, you might even learn one or two interesting tidbits about the animal. But what I really want you to remember is their souls, the quirks that make Bart and Charlotte (almost) humans.

And in many ways, these two are very human. They have made mistakes, they have loved, and they continue to make mistakes when faced with a new, all-encompassing love. I think, of all my romances, this is one that runs deepest. You see, they’ve adored each other secretly for a long time, but like many humans, they are afraid to express it in so many words.

Luckily, for the reader, my characters’ failings result in some pretty steamy sex scenes! Hey…gotta put those raging hormones to use somewhere!

I really hope you love this book and get to check the rest of the series too. No matter what your favorite shifter is, I think I have just the man for you.

Predator’s Claim is available at and other outlets.





10 thoughts on “New Release – Predator’s Claim!

  1. Mmm, it’s no secret I love your delicious men! And, being the “arm” girl I am…holy wow! Fantastic cover! Congrats on the new release, Rosanna. Can’t wait to go back to Gemini Island! (When will my cabin be ready? I’m all packed to move!)


    • Thanks Parker! You have a permanent cabin on Gemini Island…it sits somewhere between a couple of cabins belonging to some very dishy staff members. 😉


  2. Congrats Rosanna! Downloaded Predator’s Claim today – it’s my reward for finishing my latest Viking. So’s Parker’s latest, White Collar Cowboy! I really must hurry up and end Ravaged by Nikolas!


  3. I have to agree with the ‘just another wolf’ Rosanna and I love the fact that you chose the Bears to start with. Would love to see some more unusual shifters in future stories, not the same old Wolves and big Cats. However, that being said I am looking forward to starting Predator’s Claim and just hope I can keep finding sexy stock images for you. The pressure is on LOL! 😉


    • Lol,, thanks Lyn. Your covers are incredible. The next hero will be a jaguar (mentor Killian) but I hope to explore more in the series. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the books!


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