#cockinasock = Best Day Ever!

Last Friday, I was taken by surprise when a co-worker of mine asked if I’d heard about the #cockinasock thingamajig going about social media. To which I naively ask, “What is that?” Imagine my reaction when she brings up Instagram and I’m faced with not one, not two, but hundreds of pics of men wearing nothing but socks. Best day ever?!? I’d say so.

For the next half hour or so, we scroll through the pics and select our favorites. Grown-ass men taking selfies of themselves clad in nothing but their wives’/girlfriends’/daughters’ (shudder) socks. Oh, it was a thing of wonder. My personal faves were the ones whose socks seemed to hang in a L-shape. A bit happy are we, dudes? Ah-mazing.

Take a pic of yourself sans make-up? No problem. Stand bare-arsed naked in in front of a mirror and photograph yourself in a pink tube sock? AND post it for the entire world to see? Genius! I don’t know which man-hungry female was behind this social movement, but I stand and salute you. Our fellows stand and…uhh…salute you too.

I would love to post a few snippets for our dear readers, but alas, I don’t have my very own #cockinasock posting. (The hubby was NOT going for it.) Needless to say, my awareness of Testicular Cancer was at an all-time high this week. But I will share a few links with you along with my commentary. Enjoy! (You’re welcome.)

First off, we have the tattooed bad boy, who not only managed a fantastic picture, but somewhat maintained his anonymity at the same time. Dude in the red beanie. We salute you!

Speaking of anonymity…this guy took it to a whole new level! Bike helmet, check. Pink girl bike, check check. A pussy in the backseat. Yep, he so went there. Let’s just hope this daddy burns the sock and doesn’t give it back to his daughter.


This pic needs no introduction. Warning: Wipe the drool, ladies!


And somewhere Anthony Kiedis is thinking “I did #cockinasock before it was cool!”


Obligatory bald-headed, sexy man pic.

This man deserves a prize. Not only does he understand the purpose of posing virtually nude, he also took the time to clean the background area of his pic. You go, boy!

Hope you enjoyed the peeks at some of my favorite #cockinasock postings. But it’s not all fun and games, testicular cancer is a serious matter. Remind all your menfolk to get tested!

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