Oh, sweet renovations by Emilia Mancini

Spring has finally sprung. Yay! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the grass is marginally greener (underneath four months worth of dog bombs).

So after months (I mean like 26 months), the husband has gotten the motivation to finish the bathroom renovation that was started, oh, you know…a while ago. Only this time, I convinced him to do something he has never been convinced of before: he hired a contractor! Oh, yes! Not only did he tell me that my bathroom going to get done, it was going to get done correctly.


Now, don’t think I don’t like it when Mr. Mancini wants to take on home projects. I do. I love it. Like when he tore out the tiles in my shower to make me a new one, which I got to use a mere 18 months later. And that time he tore the nasty carpet out of the kitchen two years ago and put down nice flooring which he finished…um, WILL finish…eventually.

Mr. Mancini is great at making plans and starting projects, but he gets frustrated pretty easily and then he doesn’t want to play anymore, so imagine how absolutely orgasmic I felt when he said the sexiest words I’ve ever heard, “I called to get a quote to finish the bathroom.” Yeah, that hit me right in the girlie parts.

So, the bathroom is done, new tiles, new shower, new vanity…it’s lovely. And I get to style it just how I want it because it’s mine…and it’s done!

I did what any insane author/editor would do. I murdered books and I put their entrails on my wall. Well, I’m in the process of putting them on my wall. You can see a little hint of my old wall behind the vanity: Dark brown with a white tree and blue flowers…it looked nice, really. Anyway, finishing this is my project for the weekend. Because as much as I love Mr. Mancini, I refuse to be like him. I WILL finish this project without the help of professionals!

Book guts and a new vanity!

Book guts and a new vanity!

5 thoughts on “Oh, sweet renovations by Emilia Mancini

  1. Thanks, ladies. I love it already. I want to make love to it…you know, if you could make love to a bathroom. Seeing a room in my house (after living here 8 years) being this close to completely updated makes me feel funny inside. LOL


  2. Em, so cute. Love the granite. And the book pages look so cool.

    My hubby likes to do things around the house too — he can finish projects, but usually finds a way to involve me when I’m trying to write. I like outside contractors – they never ask me to drop what I’m doing and hold a flashlight. lol


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