Spring = Nesting Time

red-tulipsIt’s Spring.  Maybe.  Well, most days it is.  Spring in central Indiana depends on two things: (1) jet stream coming out of Canada and (2) how much Gulf warmth and moisture we’re getting.  Usually we get both crashing into each other about 20 minutes north of my house and then we have wind, rain, hail, lightning, and, oh joy, tornado potential.

Then some days Spring’s  just meh.

And, yes, Spring is nesting time for all the lovely little birds. Spotted a cardinal and a finch and some robins all happily building nests. My yard is a Disney movie in the making.

But I was talking about another kind of nesting.  My nesting aka urge to get my house in order.

Spring is the time I deep-clean my nest.  I get the urge to buy new things for my nest. I arrange to have all the maintenance done on my nest.

Nesting takes away from writing time.  And quite frankly, that pisses me off.  But if my nest isn’t right, I can’t write.  My Muse gets distracted by the stain on the carpet or the noise in the AC motor or the thought of all the dryer lint stuck under my kitchen getting ready to burn my house down. Yes, I obsess.

Let’s face it — home ownership and maintenance is a time suck.  But it is a necessity.  Ever watch those house flip shows on DIY or HGTV?  Some home maintenance would’ve solved the mold problem or the termites. I don’t understand people who buy houses and then just exist.  I’m not those people.  My house is a finely tuned machine and I maintain it.

Good news is – I have a List. Yes, I am obsessed and A-type.  I am checking things off.  And with any luck (and the damn duct cleaning guys honoring their contract that I pre-paid), I might survive this period and get back on my writing schedule.

So, patience, please.  It’s Spring and I am in nesting-mode.


4 thoughts on “Spring = Nesting Time

  1. LOL, great post, Monette. I hear you on the nesting vs. writing thing. Each time I stop to do chores, I grow ornery because I’m not writing. A messy house ins’t bad, right? Sadly, I can’t let it go either. Let’s blame those damn house shows on HGTV!


    • Yes, I totally blame HGTV and DIY. I love watching those shows. I get so many ideas. No energy – just ideas. I am a clean and neat freak. I think it is because there are so many things I can’t control, but I can control the neatness and cleanliness of my home. Yeah, I obsess. lmao Thanks, Rosanna. I’m glad I am not alone.


  2. I don’t get how anyone can buy a house and not realize its going to take WORK to make and it and keep it in good shape!

    We bought a house with a HUGE YARD/FLOWER BEDS and then I fell down the stairs moving in so all the hours I thought I had to devote to playing in the dirt (yes I LOVE IT) disappeared under surgeon’s knives and many many drugs. *sigh* I MISS being able to putter. At least I have your lovely books to distract me. 🙂


    • Heather- Ouch on the surgery. Hugs. But I’m glad my and the other lovely ladies of LL&L’s books take your mind off your hurts. I love puttering in the yard also. No time to do that. Really, my lovely readers, writing takes a lot of time!


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