Happy Anniversary, Mr. Mancini! (Kinda)

Monday is my wedding anniversary. A whole thirteen years of marriage to the wonderful Mr. Mancini. We weren’t planning anything big this year, something simple, just a nice quiet dinner for two at the local steakhouse. Well, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, things in my life rarely go simply, quietly, or as planned. But this time, things got shaken up in an incredibly exciting way, at least for me.

Oh, where to begin…

Every now and again I have to apply myself to the day job and venture out into the world to interview people. On Thursday, one of these people was late (very late) to our appointment and as I sat getting frustrated, I opened up my phone to scroll through Facebook and distract myself from my wasted time and what do I see? A post that Bette Midler (my absolutely favoritest ever!!) Tweeted that she is giving a speech in Des Moines on Monday. MONDAY??  MONDAY???


Bette and I need to work on our communication skills so I know when she’s going to be in town and can fangurl without freaking out about possibly missing the show.

How did I not know about this? How did I miss this? Clearly I’ve been spending too much time working and not enough time stalking my favorite celebrities. How did my priorities get so messed up?

I freak out. Surely it’s sold out. I pull up Ticketmaster on my phone and…what?… There’re still tickets! So I’m sitting in the lobby of Mr. Latey-Pants’s office trying to get to the ticket purchase site…on my phone…and here he comes 45 minutes late and with the worst timing ever. I wanted to tell him to hold up, I had to get me some Bette Midler tickets. But I’m a professional, damn it, so I begrudgingly close the window and put my phone away. However, all through the interview I’m thinking, Talk faster, talk faster, talk faster, I gotta get tickets.


Sorry, Mr. Mancini. Bette wins.

So I rushed out after the interview and called my husband and said, “I know our anniversary is Monday and you wanted to go to the steakhouse, but Bette Midler is going to be in town and I don’t care what you want…we’re going! But I can’t talk because I’m still in Des Moines and I have to hurry home and get tickets because the site is too slow on my phone!”

He responded, ever so wisely, “That sounds good, babe. Whatever you want.”

And then I hung up, drove 80 mph home, ran inside(literally)—ignoring the fact that I had to pee really, really, really badly and that my phone had rung a dozen times on the way home and that my dogs were tripping me in desperate attempts at saying hello—tackled my laptop, and got online.

After all that, guess what…

I got my tickets! YES! We’re in the back and far, far from the stage, but I don’t care! I do not care. I got my tickets! I’m going to see Bette Midler give a speech. On my wedding anniversary!

Best. Gift. Ever.

Happy anniversary to me!! Oh, and to Mr. Mancini, of course!


14 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Mr. Mancini! (Kinda)

  1. I love a woman who knows what her priorities are! LOL! Have a great time with Bette, and an even greater time with your hubby! Wink. Happy Anniversary!


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