Merry Monstrous Monday!

The National Institute of Mental Health defines stress as the brain’s response to any demand. According to this organization there’s a positive side to stress. When we’re in danger, the stress response triggers body reactions, which can be life-saving: faster pulse, increased rate of breathing, muscle tension, more oxygen to the brain, all reactions crucial for survival. Stress can even boost the immune system.

One of my responses to stress is to start a new romance. So here’s a tiny tidbit from my latest WIP, Torch the Wind:

He was so not her type.
Jersey liked her men on the lean side, almost skinny. She never went for the buzz-cut military types and preferred a tall guy with hair on his head but not too much on the body—she had a shudder thing about hairy backs—and long, sensitive fingers. A man who looked like he knew his way around a piano and a whole bunch of other musical instruments. The kind of guy who could gently strum her to a mind-blowing orgasm.
Definitely not her usual hook-up.
But from the second he’d entered the bar, she hadn’t been able to drag her eyes away from his craggy features. Not handsome, not by a long shot. A buzz cut, dark brows, glittering emerald-gold eyes, a nose with a definite bump in the middle, and a dimpled chin dusted with sexy stubble. Individual features, which should have added together in a Clyde Owen appeal, but didn’t.
Yet, he had an air of danger about him and he moved with the sleek grace of a panther on the prowl. The tight jeans he wore caressed his butt like a loving glove. He had an ass to die for and not an ounce of body fat.
Jersey sighed.
That ruled her out.
Men with hard bods liked women with hard bods. While she wasn’t overweight per se, Jersey preferred curling up with her Kindle and a good book to even the thought of a gym, and she carried the extra thirteen pounds of a sedentary lifestyle.
Forget Mr. Muscle then.
Her exile began at noon tomorrow and, damn it, she intended to have the superlative hook-up. A sexcapade wild and dangerous enough to keep her and her handy vibrator busy reliving it in the lonely days and nights to come.

How do you handle stress?



6 thoughts on “Stress!

  1. Agreed, Rosanna. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Once I start a new tale, that’s my whole focus, and it takes my mind off whatsoever’s causing my stress. Happy Monday! The dh is your way on Wednesday. Business trip.


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