By the Skin of My Teeth by Robin Danner

Whoever came up with that saying? I sure would like to know. Teeth don’t have skin. Maybe I should say “By the Enamel of My Teeth”. Although my predilection for lemons and acidic green plums pretty much eroded mine away, according to my dentist during childhood.

But anyhoo…I made it. A bit tardy, but that brings up the topic I’m preaching about today. Time Management. Do I have it? I used to think so. That was until my day job, family life, and book stuff started catching up with me. My life has been full of ups and downs lately. Today, I’ve suffered both. I applied for a position I knew I wasn’t qualified for, suffered through a horrible interview, but ended up with some feedback that may possibly help me after all. (More to come on that later.) I have approximately one hour until I have to fulfill my t-ball team mom obligations, and then guess what? A long night of self-editing a historical romance I plan to pitch at RT.

Lately it seems whenever I try to sit down and work on books, there’s always a distraction. Whether is house work, my boys, or even my own thoughts! It’s been a struggle lately, but I know it will one day pay off. If the feedback I mentioned above works out the way I think it does, there will be one more gigantic load on my plate. I’m talking a heaping amount! So how do I balance it? How do I pursue my lifelong dream of being a successful author with my career goals at work? I’ve had one book release (so far) this year, one more coming, and another work soon to be subbed. I have plans for a couple more this year, but at some point I just gotta slow down. I’ve done that a little bit, which has helped me promotional-wise, but there’s so many tales I’ve got to tell. Ya know?

Right now, I’m being pulled in so many directions I don’t even know which way to go. Maybe I should try yoga…clear my mind and such. But then I think, well hell, who has time for exercise? Am I right? But here’s my silver lining. In seven days, count them SEVEN, I will begin my first week-long vacation in years. I’ll be making a short appearance in New Orleans for RT, but that’ll leave me a few days before and after the conference to take some much needed “me” time.  Sounds good, right? Au contraire. I must consider packing for the conference, which I detest, and making sure my boys have everything they need while I’m gone. Not to mention, probably fielding numerous phone calls from work. A word of advice, don’t make yourself irreplaceable or you’ll pay for it. Insert large sigh here….

Now that I’ve vented, how’s everyone else’s Friday going?


2 thoughts on “By the Skin of My Teeth by Robin Danner

  1. I relate. Women seem to take on everything and ignore the much needed “me” time. So have fun in NOLA. The world will not end at your house. It will all be waiting for you to get back and play catch up.


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