This time next week….by Cherie Nicholls

This time next week will find most of the Love, Lust and Laptop ladies at RT14 What is this RT14 I hear you ask……well I would if I was there…man you people are literally innit…

So RT is short for Romantic Times. Every year for the last 31 (I think) years, there as been a convention. It brings, authors, publishers, bloggers, readers all together in one place. (

Last year was my very first year. I flew by myself from London, landed in Chicago (what is with the runway going over the road…proper made my eyes go wide when that happened) and then on to Kansas. It was the longest journey I’d ever done alone and to be honest there was worry. Not only was I in a State I wasn’t familiar with but I was going to meet people I’d only ever spoken to via email. Let’s just say I’d made sure that many many people knew my flight and hotel details and I was in contact with them frequently.

It turned out that the people I was meet were crazy but in a “same as me” way! Most of the Love, Lust and Laptop authors are slightly off centre….just saying…heh.

It turned into one of the best experiences I’ve had as a writer. Spending time with people who are like-minded, not having to explain why you write or having people raise Β an eyebrow when you explain that, yes I write paranormal no I don’t write vampires. Simple little thinks like that made me really enjoy my time there. Although I was still more of a spectator because i wasn’t sure what to expect.

This year, the convention is in New Orleans, and I expect to get much into it all. Although I won’t be doing any panels or official meet and greets or signings. Please know that if you see me, come say hi. I’d love to chat, after all I’m a “Norf Lundan Girl” we are known for a talkative ways.

If you check the schedule on the RT website you will see which of us will be there and where we will be. I think pretty much all of us would love for you to come say hi.

Below are a few things I learnt from last year to do or carry

1) Drink plenty of water

2) Bring a cardie or jumper, it may be warm outside but hotels are infested with AirCon

3) Note pad and pen are your friend

4) Tissues…trust me

5) Don’t be scared to talk to people, everyone was really friendly to me

6) Don’t be scared to talk to your favorite authors. It took me two days to get up the courage to speak to an author I adore, and she was as nice as pie!

7) Don’t try to do it all. It just won’t happen.

8) Try hard to get out of the hotel, even for an hour or so. I know we are all there for the conference but seeing something other than the hotel and the airport will refresh you for the rest of the convention.

9) Enjoy…..yes there are classes to teach and learn and soak up. But remember it’s fun too!

10) Remember I don’t like being hugged….I knew that before last year, but hey I like to make sure we are all on the same page……

Me and many others will be tweeting, using the hashtag #RT14, so keep an eye out!

See ya there!!!

Until next time….What happens at the Convention stays at the Convention….just saying!



5 thoughts on “This time next week….by Cherie Nicholls

  1. Someday I am going to be at one of these events and I will finally get to meet you (and all the other amazing L,L&L ladies)!!!

    Do you have a “No hugs allowed” sign? Might be a good idea…. ;-P


  2. Sweetie, you did just fine in KC last year being hugged. I’m gonna deputize Becca and V to hug you for me – several times. So sorry I can’t be with y’all this year. But I have to write books some time. πŸ™‚ Have fun. Oh and make Lynn take you to some of the bars on Bourbon Street. Yes, it is a tourist thing to do – but hey, how often does a North London gal get to the Big Easy?


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