Blog Abbreviated Due to … Lightning!

259-1212725600qf0eOkay, kids.  This is my blogging day.  I really hadn’t a clue about what to blog, but I would have found something.  Really. And it would’ve been long, funny, informative, and fabulous.

Then … it rained.  And I mean rain with lightning, thunder, wind, hail, flood warnings … locusts, pestilence, and thirty days and nights of darkness — okay, I added those last three for the heck of it.  But I was accurate up through and including the flood warnings. 🙂

Um, the picture is not mine, but a free stock image. I stay away from the windows during violent storms. But that is the kind of lightning I saw as I hurried to get home  from my Pilates class. I got my 1999 Volvo into the garage before the hail hit. Whew! Old Bessie doesn’t need anymore dents. (Yes, I name my car.)

This afternoon (yesterday for you reading this on Thursday, May 22nd), my area of Indiana has experienced the fabulous “training effect” of storms.  One after another strong storm, with all of the above but for the locusts, pestilence, and 30 days and nights of darkness, has blown over my little abode — and is not going to stop until later tonight with chances of more lovely storms tomorrow (that would be Thursday, May 22nd).

So, I am currently typing as fast as I can between storms.  I do not want my computer on or even plugged in.  The last electrical storm we had blew out my son’s very expensive desk top.

That is not gonna be me.

I have my next Prime book on my desk top.  Yes, it is backed up on an external hard disk and a jump drive — both of which are attached to electrical things – – and thank the Lord, on Dropbox, which is, I’m sure — but not totally– backed up somewhere in case their server is fried.  But I don’t take chances.

So, this is my blog. Sorry, it wasn’t about anything world-changing or exciting or my next book.  Catch me week after next, I’ll post a tempting excerpt from my soon-to-be-done Prime Imperative — which would’ve been done today, but for the damn electrical storm.

Stay safe everyone. Mother Nature is in a pissy-ass mood this year.


4 thoughts on “Blog Abbreviated Due to … Lightning!

  1. Moni, it rained buckets here last night apparently. My poor sick hubby heard every vicious drop and so did my eldest son. Youngest son and I dozed, oblivious. No hail or pestilence, but always awe-inspiring. Glad you made it home from Pilates safe and sound!


    • Thanks, Rosanna. Glad you got your sleep. I’m a light sleeper so I don’t go to bed until the storms die down – and yes, I have stayed up all night when the weather is bad. Someone has to wake up the kinfolk and get them to the root cellar aka the basement. I come from a former farming family, if you couldn’t tell. 🙂


  2. Wow Moni. Your corner of the country has really suffered this year.

    Strange, because we, in South Florida, have had the most perfect 7 months I can remember since moving here 15 years ago. It is, as you rightly said, May 22nd, and we can still leave our doors and windows open.

    I just know when the heat and humidity hit it’s going to be unbearable. But, heck, it is so absolutely awesome right now, I simply don’t care.

    And there are still people out there who refuse to believe in climate change – go figure.

    My hope for you is that you’re rewarded with great weather from now on.


    • Thanks, Jianne. Well, South Florida might be having it good but my friends in northern Florida in the Pensacola and Destin areas have had sucky-ass weather. You must live below the magic line. 🙂 Enjoy the open windows while you can — bug season will be upon you before you know it.

      Today, May 23rd for those keeping track, is gorgeous. Sunny, mild temps, no humidity — pollen count is up since there is a slight breeze and all the flowering trees are going to seed. Damn cottonwood! I have Allegra and a Veramyst inhaler and Patanol eye drops, so I’ll take today and high pollen counts over super-cell storms anytime. And the weather forecast is like this through Monday, Memorial Day. So, the Indy 500 should have a good race day on Sunday. All is well in Central Indiana until Tuesday when the chance of thunderstorms is back.


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