A new spin on the world’s oldest pastime

Let’s do a little count, shall we?

I’ve written 10 published romances and have been part of 2 sexy anthologies with the ladies of Love, Lust and Laptops. I just submitted a new manuscript to a publisher and am about to finish another Gemini Island book. That’s 14 books, all told. But wait…there are still several unpublished works under my belt, too. Maybe 20 stories all together.

They all include sex scenes. That’s a given. For the most part, my full-length works tend to include about 3 good boot-knocking moments plus a whole of tension leading to the inevitable acts. If I were to count these scenes, I’d have to estimate my total sex scene count at around 50.

That’s a lot of nookie.


Now I find myself with the unenviable task (okay, it’s actually pretty enviable) of making sex original. After so many encounters between my heroes and heroines, I want each passionate clutch to feel new and fresh. When you get down to basics, yes, the mechanisms are pretty much the same. Insert. Withdraw. Throw in a bit of spanking. Some growling. A few bites. “Ah, ah, ah….yes. That’s it!” And we’re done. Roll over and go to sleep. So how do I spruce things up?

I’m a fan of food play. You can probably tell if you’ve read Predator’s Kiss or Predator’s Serenade. However, I can’t turn every love scene into a banquet. It works here and there, but after a while, the grocery bill will be insane.

I’ve used a bit of spanking here and there, but I’m not a BDSM author. A few taps and I’m good. Besides, it seems everyone’s getting spanked nowadays. Your granny’s probably getting spanked as we speak.

I need something new! However, reverting to some quirky, kinky novelty isn’t always the right option either. I could put the characters in a tree. I could put them out to sea. I could even have them drinking tea. After a while it starts to sound like a bad Dr. Seuss rhyme.

And so the author wheels start to turn. How does one keep sex fresh and original when the actions are basically repetitive? I think the key is still emotion. Show the characters’ feelings. Show how their emotions are different than anything they’ve ever experienced.

I also strive to make my heroes and heroines distinct personalities. I don’t want all my heroines to react the same way when the heroes smack their asses. Some of my girls might be a bit leery, others even prudish. Some will be adventurous. Some might smack him right back. I try not to give you cookie cutter characters, and hopefully their love scenes reflect their individuality.

Mostly, I try to make it fun and not too heavy. Soren and Gioia from Predator’s Serenade had a cute convo about her nipples in one scene. To me, this sort of dialogue makes their love play sparkle. I try to bring in a sense of lightness, of frivolity, while still showing how intense the physical attraction is.

I hope I’ve been able to amuse you with my stories. Tell me, what makes a sex scene stand out for you?

15 thoughts on “A new spin on the world’s oldest pastime

  1. This post had me chuckling πŸ˜€ But you make a good point. I don’t write sex scenes in my books, but that’s just personal choice. When I do read sex scenes, I like them to feel real, and for the characters to have a connection, I think that is what makes each scene unique πŸ™‚


    • Thank you Harliqueen! I’m so glad you got a chuckle. And yes, honesty and connection and what it’s all about. πŸ™‚


  2. I love your Gemini series and the Selkies series, including the hot scenes πŸ˜‰ I like to read steamy scenes as long as they integrate well in the story. The ones that stand out for me are the ones that show emotion too and not just the mechanics as you put it.


  3. I only have 3 – but I write non-erotica and I’m having trouble keeping the smut out of what I’m writing now… I had to delete an entire chapter because I had the wrong author hat on.

    The authors who seem pretty successful describe it differently (the sex, genitals, emotions.) Which can be a challenge. There are only so many attractive ways to describe man-sausage πŸ˜‰

    Great post!


    • Thank you Anita! Funny how the sex creeps in when you’re not looking, huh? That sort of happened to me too. πŸ™‚


  4. Great post, Rosanna!
    I feel as long as the story is in a deep POV, and the act is intensely personal to the characters, and the characters THEMSELVES are unique, you could write fifty of the exact same sex act and they’d all be unique.

    Oh god. Now I want to write fifty frottage scenes and see how unique I can make them. That’s worse than a plot bunny. It’s a scene bunny.


  5. The scene definitely needs to make sense in the story and for the characters. There is nothing worse, for me, than reading a sex scene that is just thrown in there with no feeling to it. I also like it when the characters can have some fun now and then.


    • Thank you Lisa. I, too, hate gratuitous sex scenes. Sex is fine, but show me the feelings behind it. And like you, I love a bit of fun in my smexy time.


  6. Enjoyed your post, Rosanna. It’s all been said above but unique emotional responses come from our characters. Getting inside their heads is key to creating new offerings. I’m a big fan of your selkie men in particular. Who’s next up?


    • Thank you Susanne! I appreciate the love for my selkie men. I hope to return to them one day soon. However I’m ready to work on the climax of the Gemini Island series for the next while. We shall return to Orkney soon!


  7. I like humor in my sex scenes — or leading up to them. Because, face it, sex can be funny, awkward, messy, etc. I do feel the set up is crucial. There has to be tension and it has to be released. Great post.


  8. How about a little mutual masturbation/voyeurism? I like the way you build your sex scenes, Rosanna. They feel just right for the characters and the stories, in every case. I like that no matter what their prior relationships, the characters take their time getting to know each other (as potential mates) before they have sex. So, I would say more of the same, please. πŸ˜‰


    • Thanks so much, Michelle! I have had a bit of self-loving here and there, but there’s always room for more too. LOL I appreciate your comments.


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