I am in love with love

The M/M Romance Group’s Don’t Read in the Closet event for 2014 is live, and my story, The Lonely Drop, has been posted! I am SO thrilled to join this event again this year, and with a story I absolutely adored writing. Why? Because I am in love with love.

Let me explain.

Pamela Su provided the prompt I chose from which to write my story. It was a prompt which evoked in me an immediate reaction. In subtle, subtle ways, it called to many classic romance tropes. But most prominent was the second chance romance/reunion romance trope.

I am an absolute SUCKER for this trope. My very first romance I ever read was LaVyrle Spencer’s “Twice Loved,” which remains an absolute favorite–hands down, until the end of time I will love and adore this book. And I guess I internalized my love of this type of story. When presented with an opportunity to write a second chance romance? I’m like a dog with a porterhouse.

There were hints of other tropes in the prompt, which I hinted at and wove into my story. And others evolved organically from the characters’ situation and timeline. Somehow, as I was writing a story that made me happy, something else happened too–I wrote a love letter to the romance genre. I write romance not because it is the most financially lucrative genre–(get it, girlfriends)–but because it is a genre I adore. I love the tropes. I love the genre’s unabashed celebration of the happy ever after over every bit of conflict thrown its way. I love romance–not merely the sentiment, but the genre of romance.

I am in love with love. And The Lonely Drop is my grand gesture.

You can find The Lonely Drop for download absolutely free here:


I hope you enjoy it!

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