10 Reasons Why I Write by Lynn Lorenz

So much drama lately. Bad juju. Anger. Frustration.
It makes me sad. And tired.
I’m not going to write about that today.

Today, I’m going to remember why I write. Why I love to write. Why it’s absolutely necessary for me to write.

1. Because there are stories in my head that won’t stop until I get them down on a Word doc. They bother me, keep me up at night. I see them, like a movie going on in my head. The dialogue, the action, down to the gestures of the characters. The scenes unfold and I can run them backward, make changes in dialogue or fast forward to the place that just isn’t working out. It’s part of my process now. I see it and then write it down. How cool is that?

2. I love to brainstorm. I love the process of creating the characters, the world, the dialogue, the twists and turns of the plot. The black moment. The hero’s flaw and his rock solid strength. It’s intriguing to me how a story grows, bends, and spreads, like a tree. I love asking “what if” or “why” and struggling to find the answers to those questions. It’s the process of story growth and it’s exciting to me.

3. I love to edit. I do. It’s sad, sort of. I love writing each chapter, then going over it, tweaking the verbs, catching words used too many times too close together. Working methodically to produce the best product I can. Layering and adding, trimming and tightening. I write each chapter and then edit it before moving on. Every three chapters, I print and go over them for edits and continuity, until the entire manuschipt is done. One draft. The End.

4. I love the characters. I just love creating characters who make my heart swell, make me mad enough to want to slap the hell out of them, or clutch them to my heart. The ones who cry out for love and acceptance. I love feeling them. Their happiness. Their sadness. Their victories and defeats. They become real to me as I’m writing and I love them. Even the villians. I try to make my villians understandable. Sometimes even redeemable. And boy, do I love my secondary characters. I love creating them, knowing the next story will belong to them.

5. I love building worlds. Taking places I know and love and incorporating them into new spaces, cities, lands. Creating new worlds. Deciding on rules and laws and what controls and binds those worlds together. It’s good to be king.

6. I love putting it all together. Building the story and laying it out and setting my characters down in the middle of it all and then torturing the hell out of them. I can be cruel, but it’s all for a purpose – character growth. I love building that golden character arc. Taking a character at the beginning of a story and building his strengths, awakening his self-awareness, unveiling the stuff he has inside him, stuff he didn’t even know he had, and then taking him to the end. Ready to claim his happily ever after.

7. I love a HEA. I’m a romantic sap. I never used to be. I never read romance novels. Ever. I read true crime. Horror. Murder mysteries. No happy endings there, unless the murderer was caught. My theory is I had kids. Mommy hormones took over, cracked a hole in my hard heart and let the gooey sap in. Damn it. I used to be strong. Dry eyed. Now, they deliver the mail on TV and I’m sobbing. God forbid there’s a soldier on the screen. Or cute kids. Forget the damn rescue animals. I blame my kids. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

8. I love that someone thinks so much of my writing they want to publish it. Ho-ly shit. Someone liked my writing. It’s incredible. Mind blown. So many people dream of being published. Hundreds of thousands. And they chose me. Me. Wow. And not just once, but like, 41 times. Forty. One. And counting. Because I ain’t stopping.

9. I love getting my covers. I love seeing what an artist does to my book, how he/she interprets it and brings it to a visual end. Even if it’s not quite right, I love tweaking the image. And I have to say, most of my covers have been wonderful. And most of the artists have been professional in listening to my ideas and incorporating them. Covers are so freaking cool.

10. Finally…I love getting letters from readers. It totally turns me on. Makes my day. Lightens my heart. Makes me proud. Someone read my book! Someone took time out of their day to let me know about it, good or bad. And when someone tells me that my book helped them, changed them, made a difference?? It blows me away and makes me so glad I write.

Despite all the craptastic drama surrounding being a writer in today’s social media world, I have to remind myself why I write.
Because I love it.
Because I have a story to tell.
Lots of them.
With all sorts of protags and vilians and secondary characters. Werewolves, vampires, dragons and just plain old people.
In this world, the past, and the future.
My imagination is the only limit.

This is why I write. Because I have to write, like I have to breathe. Because my heart wouldn’t be whole if I didn’t.
No matter who says what. I’m ignoring them. Fuck ’em!

I fucking love my job!!!!

14 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Write by Lynn Lorenz

  1. You know you are just about my absolutely favorite author. I adore this blog because you write from the heart and gosh darn it have you been reading my mind? I feel the same way about everything you said, except edits. LOL xxx


    • Thanks so much AJ. We’ve been doing this for a long time and if we don’t love it, well, we’d be out of our minds to put up with all the drama, right?
      Not edits? I know. Not everyone has the love for them. I get it.


  2. Aww sweetie, sorry about the bad juju…Sad fact but real-life happens. 🙂 This is a great post…your reasons for writing are good reminders for everyone…be they writer or reader.
    Hope things get better for you darlin!

    hugs ya,


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