Ah, the relief! And a little bit about me…

Yes, that special feeling I get when I wrap up a new manuscript and hit that send button–off it goes, drifting through cyberspace to my editor. Deep breaths. A nice dip in the pool is in order… I love that feeling.

So, book four of the Emergence series is the latest accomplishment. Bound to be Tempted. It will release in the spring with Samhain Publishing.

Meanwhile, my crazy week has been filled with the formation of an entirely new series, maybe even three books that go together. They have titles even! And a series title! That’s crazy weird for me. I sometimes am still scrambling for a title when a book is under contract! Not this time. And they are BDSM. The plot is lining up on my desk… Leaking from my brain when I’m trying to sleep… And that is how new stories are born.

I’ve thought a lot about that process lately. I’m not like other writers. I never wrote a word as a child, that wasn’t required for school that is! I don’t have handwritten manuscripts stuffed under my bed or the back of my closet. I don’t have diaries. I don’t have anything typed on that awesome fantastic electric typewriter I had in college. (Did I just date myself?) But what I did do my entire life for as long as I can remember was day dream. I made up entire soap operas of romances in my head. I would sit for hours thinking of plots. I just never realized from that I was a writer.

So, here I am, 45 years old, and living a dream I didn’t know I had! And I love it so much, I wake up every single day smiling, itching to get back to my desk and make my characters come to life. And I’m so lucky to have so many fans that make it all possible. Thank you, everyone for your kind words and support. You make it all worth it!

But, I must scoot that latest plot bunny aside, because book three of my The Fight Club series is clamoring for attention also! Sexy hot cop…MMA…dominance…a motorcycle… You can see why I’m distracted. Another book completed, no time to rest (well, except for that nap in the pool I mentioned), and it’s back to storyland–the fantasy world I live in where dreams come true!


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