Bad Boys (and Girls) by Christy Gissendaner


This week, Facebook has been blowing up with pics of this crook, touting his handsome mug shot. As a person who has always had a thing for light-skinned, blue/green eyed men, I can agree he’s quite easy on the eyes. (Except for the strange cheek thing…is that a tatt?)

Typically I am not one who is ever going to find a criminal sexy. I’m still trying to come to terms with Gideon Cross being a murderer. But let’s admit it…there’s always been heroes in romance novels who toe the line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Sometimes maybe even downright illegal things.

I like to say I’m a law-abiding citizen. I follow the rules. Obey the speed limit (sometimes). Don’t pull the tags off my pillow cases. But ever so often there comes a time you do something totally illegal just for the hell of it.

For me, it seems to always happen near a body of water. I’ve been skinny dipping twice…once in a state park afterhours, another at a country club’s pool. And there was a “frisky” moment between the hubby and I just recently in a pool at a hotel which shall remain unnamed at a conference which I can’t mention that took place in the a Southern city of which I can’t speak. (In case some of you LL&L’ers wondered what the hubs and I got up to at night. Bahaha!)

I know I’m not the only one. Since it’s Friday and way past time to let our hair down, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Authors, I want to know what’s the most illegal thing you’ve had your character attempt. Readers, what rules have you broken? Spill the beans and let me know all the juiciest bad boy and girl gossip!

5 thoughts on “Bad Boys (and Girls) by Christy Gissendaner

  1. Um, Vanko drove the wrong way on a major one-way street in Washington, D.C., at high speeds, and then drove on the sidewalk — while bad guys were shooting at them. He is very sorry, but he would do it again since he was saving Elana’s life at the time. 🙂

    Many of my alpha-male heroes perform carnal acts with their women. Said acts are probably illegal in some states (damn those “blue” laws). Since both the parties in said carnal couplings are adults and are having a really good time — and are in the privacy of a bedroom (or against a bar bathroom wall in a jungle in Central America, as with Callie and Risto), we’ll just ignore those minor infractions.


  2. So that’s what you were doing when you were “too tired” to hang out with us. I know what to do next conference we both attend. *evil grin*

    My bad boys will do anything to protect their women. And my Vikings are bloodthirsty avengers:
    “Cnut will hunt you down for this,” Ulfric’s shout rang above the clang of steel meeting steel. “He will destroy you and yours.”
    “And who will live to tell him?” Because they had caught Ulfric and his men off guard, none wore mail. Ulfric missed a parry.
    Ruard slashed a wide gash on each of his forearms. Blood spurted from the wounds and Ulfric stumbled. “’For the bruises on my wife’s wrists.”
    “The bitch.” Ulfric regained his footing and raised his weapon above his head.
    Ruard moved in and slit the other man’s belly. “For denying her food.”
    Ulfric grabbed the gaping flesh and glanced up.
    Ruard smiled seeing the knowledge of death in Ulfric’s eyes


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