Times are a’changing

Hey all,

So before I get started I just wanted to say YOU PEOPLE ROCK! yeah, you do…hard core!!

Now down to business….It is with a heavy heart…no that’s too cliché, it’s not you it’s me….no thats been done to death…I can’t be part of a two until I’m a better one…oh shoot me now!!

What I’m trying to say is…I’m leaving Love, Lust and Laptops…..don’t worry I’m not going far and the ladies really won’t be getting rid of me that easily, even if they wanted to. I will still be around but it’s time I stepped aside and let someone more interesting than me take a crack at this.

You know I am not the most consistent of bloggers, and more often than not I just haven’t been able to give you the quality of post I know you deserve. So it’s time for me to go and leave you in the capable hands of……..*drum roll*…..*prolonged pause like they do on talent shows*….. KALYN COOPER!!!!!!!!   whoop whoop *throws confetti and streamers all over the place*

KaLyn is a lovely lady and I just know you will adore her, I am not confirming anything but she might actually be a hugger….just saying….

She will be taking over officially from me as of…NOW! So expect to hear from her next time.

I meant what I said, you guys totally rock and don’t worry I really will still be around. Just every day life can be a drag sometimes and my life is pulled in so many different directions that something had to snap, sadly its blogging with L, L and L.

I will miss ya all and please find me on FB, Twitter and my own blog if you want!

Until next time remember…..an author is for life not just for christmas….or sales…or holidays….or you know those secret times in the middle of the night when you say…”just one more chapter”……


6 thoughts on “Times are a’changing

  1. Ah sweet Cherie, we will miss you sorely. Particularly your wonderful take on swearing – fecking will stay with me forever. But, as you said, you can’t get rid of us that easily. We’ll stop by weekly for the dreaded…drum roll…nekkid group hug.


  2. Cherie, thank you so much, sweetie! We will miss you but look forward to hearing about all your misadventures and successes. 😉 KaLyn, we are thrilled to have you. Group hug, indeed.


  3. Cherie, you know I’ll be hugging you by proxy– Becca and her girls are on their way to Merrie Olde England. And then there’s RT. So, you can’t escape the hugging. And KaLyn is a super-gal, and yes, she does hug ’cause she’s a southern gal and we all know Southerners and Midwesterners hug. She also makes her own wine, beer, and the rumor has it, moonshine. So ya’ll welcome KaLyn and the BAR IS NOW OPEN! Oh, and she writes good romantic thrillers, too.


  4. Cherie, you know I respect you as a person and I’ll miss you so. You know we’re going to be hitting you up for guest posts on the regular, right?

    KaLyn, welcome, we’re so happy to have you!


  5. Cherie, I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity and kind words. I’m so excited about being associated with these wonderful women!

    Yes, admittedly, I am a hugger. And I’m not sure I’m more interesting but I will try to blog about pertinent issues, professional and personal. Feel free to pop back into your spot and update us.

    Monette, thank you for great intro.

    I look forward to working with all of you.


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