Not a vacation

My dear, lovely readers. I’m away from home. I’m currently sitting at the end of the couch in a resort condo in the mountains. Anyway, my feet are propped in a chair, a vanilla vodka and coke within reach. There’s a beautiful golf course (y’all know I love to play golf), several pools, a fitness center with a Jacuzzi. Sounds nice, right?

I wouldn’t know. (Except for the drink part. The drink is really nice.)

I’ve been here since Sunday afternoon, and have only stepped foot outside once. This isn’t a vacation, you see. I’m on a writer’s retreat. Cynthia d’Alba, Elle James, Mandy Harbin, and myself – and we’re getting the words. Sun up to sun down. Butt in chair (or couch, as the case may be), hands on keyboard. We stop to eat (sort of), and occasionally take a fiver to stretch and visit. Other than that, it’s earbuds in, and write, write, write.

As I type this, my fingers ache, my back is killing me, and my ass is going to be flat as a pancake by the time I leave for home on Saturday. But, I’ve had record writing sessions. Seriously epic numbers of words. That’s the reason we’re here.

For fans of Shadow Maverick Ranch, this is great news! Clay’s story is almost complete … and he’s sinfully sweet and wickedly sexy. I can’t wait to share his story with you. Look for Cowboy Redeemed sometime in August!

Which means I need to get back to work.

IMG_0926I’ll leave you with the view from my seat (there’s a mountain back there) and a question. During one of our nightly breaks (last night, in fact), we decided it would be a good idea to look up crazy book titles. Annnnnd the giggling commenced. There are some crazy-ass titles out there. (Cum for Bigfoot, anyone?)

What are some book titles that made you laugh? Or one so crazy you couldn’t help but look at the synopsis? Come on people – fess up!

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “Not a vacation

  1. I must admit the book title “The Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy’s Secret Werewolf Babies” caught my eye and I HAD to buy it! Its actually written by a different author every chapter but manages to be quite continuous and hilarious. As a story it has everything the title promises and more – ditzy chicks and wanna-be vampire slayers and suspense and romance. Even better than I expected.


  2. Wish I had a writing retreat in a nice mountain condo with or without booze and pals. Keep writing and, of course, I’ll crit Cowboy Redeemed for you — just in case you were too shy to ask. 😉 Got to keep my string going on this series.


  3. Parker, that’s so coincidental that you are at a writer’s retreat. On Monday Trista Ann Michaels and I decided to host “Solace in the Smokies” here in the Smoky Mountains in September. Want to join us?

    Enjoy your solitude and may your muse be with you all week. 🙂


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