What next? An author’s dilemma.

Can I just begin by saying this? My fans are the best. Seriously. I know every author thinks the same of their readers, but mine are squishy bundles of love and I adore them. One of the reasons is they keep asking, “What are you going to give us next, Rosanna?”

Usually, I know. Right now, not so much.

You see, I feel a little bit in flux at the moment. A little verklempt. Although I’ve been mulling over some ideas, I’m unsure which to tackle next. I’m also in the unenviable/enviable (?) position of waiting on a submission to be returned, and it’s pretty much obsessing my every waking moment. Until I know more about that submission, I can’t do a thing about that book. I’m in a very uncomfortable holding pattern.

What about Gemini Island, you ask? Well, book 5, Predator’s Fire comes Sept. 8, so that’s a plus. However, I haven’t begun writing book 6 because I’m pretty sure it’ll be the last one in the series. Frankly, I just don’t have the heart to go there yet. I’ll miss the people at the Ursa Lodge so much when the series ends. Maybe it doesn’t have to end with book 6, but I also don’t want to beat it into the ground.

And how about my Orkney Selkies? Yes, I long to return to Orkney, but right now the bulk of my readers are asking for more Gemini Island stories and I want to keep my readers happy…and reading.

What about my Greek gods? I adore them and would love to pen another book in the series. However, compared to my other books, they just don’t sell as well. So do I put all my energy into a book that might not sell? It doesn’t seem prudent if I want to further my career. Perhaps one day.

I am writing an incubus romance right now and enjoying it, but am only about half way through, so we have a ways to go. My villain is saucy and devilish, and frankly, I like him as much as the hero. A good thing, I suppose. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

So I suppose I turn it over to my faithful readers. Based on reader response, and what’s in my heart, I’ll choose my path.

10 thoughts on “What next? An author’s dilemma.

  1. I feel your dilemma. Been there, had and have that. It’s always hard to make a choice.

    Now, if I have a vote (I’m a fan) – the Gemini Island series is really, really my favorite, but then I do love my shifters. Yes, I am opinionated. Of all your books, your voice is clearest there, and I get the sense that you really enjoyed the process in writing those books.

    Bottom-line, go with what your Muse tells you. If you don’t love what you’re writing, then it will be a chore. While writing should be exciting and challenging — it should never be a chore. Hugs.


  2. Honestly, as a fan much as I *cough* may NAG about this book or that, the one I REALLY, REALLY want is the one that you’re feeling most passionate about at the point you’re writing it. *shrugging* if you’re not excited while writing it it (usually) shows….my 2cents….


    • Thanks Peggy. I agree- if one’s heart isn’t in it, it shows, as much as an author may want to please the fans. Thanks for your 2 cents!


  3. I first read your gods series and am waiting, like everyone else, for Hades to get his with some woman who turns his head and his world upside downside sideways FUN! A selkie is always appreciated. I totally agree that the last Gemini Island can be a LONG TIME from now but that doesn’t mean we can’t visit there a few more times – I don’t think anyone will be getting tired of it anytime soon! Promise…

    Honestly whatever you write I buy, I read and I enjoy. Its that simple.


    • Thanks Heather, for your constant support. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you don’t think readers are tired of Gemini Island yet- it’s always hard to gauge. As for Hades, that lovable naughty man, we’ll just have to see. Perhaps the gods themselves will make the path known to me. 🙂


  4. Can I vote all of the above or is that too greedy? I love the Gemini Island series but if book 6 IS the last I can wait to draw out the end of the series as long as possible! I also adore the Selkies and would be happy to pay a return visit to Orkney, I will say though that I’m dying for Hades to get his book! I love your greek god stories as much as all your others! I will be looking forward to your Incubus story too! I honestly don’t think you can go wrong whatever you choose!


    • Your comments always make me so happy, Suzan! Thank you! I know I’ll get to them all eventually, but fitting them all in is sometimes a problem. The incubus will definitely come first, unless I get news on this contemporary submission. Stay tuned, and hugs to you, my friend. 🙂


  5. Ah! I learned a new word today (“verklempt”). Yes, deciding what to write next is a challenge. Good luck!


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