Split-Personalty … Or Not

The Coven of the wolf banner  finalYes, I am Monette Michaels. I am also Rae Morgan.

Split-personality disorder, you ask?

Not really. It was one  of those “business decisions” which at the time made sense. I had already been writing as Monette Michaels for five years or so. I was approached in late 2002 by my one publisher, Raven Moore of Atlantic Bridge, to write a book to help launch a new imprint — an erotic romance imprint called Liquid Silver Books. That book was Destiny’s Magick, and it came out in January, 2003.

At that time, my Monette Michaels’ books were romantic suspense with lots of tension and action and romance — with the bedroom doors closed.  Raven wanted me to slam open those doors and write SEX.

I was fairly sure I could do it. She was positive I could do it. But my other publisher at the time, LTDBooks in Canada, wasn’t throwing open the doors quite as much and so I figured I had to separate my brands. I didn’t want to shock my readers at the time.  Please keep in mind, this was before the huge upswing in erotic romance — and still at a time when e-books were considered vanity press and e-book authors, not real writers.

Now, it makes no difference.

Most of my Rae Morgan books are sexy, paranormal, romantic suspense books (except for Enchantress which is sexy, contemporary romantic suspense). My main series written as Monette Michaels are sexy, romantic suspense with some being scifi (Prime Chronicles) and some being paranormal (Gooden & Knight) and some not (Security Specialists International).  My stand-alone Monette Michaels’ books, republished from my days at LTDBooks, are romantic suspense (Fatal Vision has a psychic heroine and Death Benefits is medical-legal thriller. Green Fire, still to be repubbed, is paranormal).

My voice is my voice in all of them.

So whether it is Monette or Rae — I promise you’ll get the same fast-paced, sexy, suspense/thriller books with hot alpha-males and the strong, feisty women who bring them to their knees.  Bedroom doors are wide open, though the sex sometimes happens against doors,  in showers, and even in a booth in a restaurant once.  Each book ends with a happy-ever-after ending.*

What’s next from me?  The third book in the Prime Chronicles series, Prime Imperative, on October 6th. I am currently writing the earlier chapters of Tweeter Walsh’s story, Storm Warning,  for SSI series while waiting to do final edits on Prime Imperative.

For my fans — new and old — thanks for loving my books. Without the continued encouragement and support from my fans, I would’ve given up on this crazy business a long time ago.  Keep sending me the love — it really does lift my spirits on those days when the words just don’t seem to come.

Fans of Love Lust and Laptops and all the lovely ladies here, read Emilia’s Blog tomorrow, Friday, August 1st, for an exciting and FUN event coming soon to LL&L.  I know what it is, but it’s Em’s baby to announce and I am not stealing her thunder.

*Slight disclaimer on the Gooden and Knight series – Abby and Luc are together at the end of The Virtuous Vampire and will always be together — they just are working their way to marriage while solving paranormal crimes. So, there is no cliffhanger on the romance, but just a happy-for-now with an HEA in their future.

4 thoughts on “Split-Personalty … Or Not

  1. I have read all of your books, whether Rae or Monette and all of them are fantastic reading. Whether it is a split personality or not, keep up the good work and we will continue to read and enjoy!


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