BINGO…LLL Style by Emilia Mancini

I am so super excited to get to announce that we are getting ready to venture into the world of sex games! Okay, not exactly…but close, very close!

Starting August 11, there will be clues posted at the bottom of each of our blog posts. Each clue will lead you to a square/book cover on our very own custom-made Bingo boards!


poster one

Okay, so I’m probably a little bit too excited about this, it’s just a Bingo game, right? WRONG!

It is Love, Lust and Laptops Bingo!

All ten of us ladies, plus us as a group, have selected two book covers and written a clue. The answer to each clue, in case you don’t know it off the top of your head, will be easily found on the cover or within the blurb. A quick Amazon search of our books will help you find the answer.

Mark the cover on your board and the first one to get five across, up or down, or diagonal (NO CORNERS, PLEASE!) wins.

What’s the prize? A print copy of Love in the Cards autographed by some…not all…of the LLL ladies. Why not all of us? Because not all of us had the privilege to attend the same conference. Boo!

Anyway, that will be mailed right to your door!

This is kind of an experiment in fun, so we are only taking one winner for this game. If it is successful, we’ll look into playing again another time. Hey, maybe we’ll make a LLL Game of Life. An LLL Monopoly Board!

The possibilities are endless!!

For now, though, if you want a board, email me at emilia (dot) a (dot) mancini (at) gmail (dot) com.

I will send you a jpeg that you can print off and mark off as the clues are given. Remember the first to call Bingo in the comments section (and is verified) wins!




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