Prymal Lust Preview

The first book in my new PRYMAL series releases this Thursday. Yippee!  Here’s a titillating preview:

Prymal_Lust-Jianne_Carlo-200x320Prymal Lust – Excerpt:
She twirled around, jutted one leg forward, and jammed a hand on her hipbone. “Why don’t I join you in that shower, sailor-boy? There are certain parts of you I’m dying to handle.”
Her gaze had fixated on the boner twitching against his damp shorts.
The tenuous hold on his control cracked. “Done deal.”
With that he scooped her off her feet.
She squealed, literally. He had a hunch she never squealed and was never caught off guard. Tough titties. This morning she’d squeal and whimper for him.
Axe marched to the bathroom. There was no window and the room brimmed with shadows.
Freaking hoorah, she felt good in his arms, both fragile and substantial at the same time. He squeezed her side for her fragrance now held a hint of trepidation. “Look at me. All you have to do is say stop. Got me?”
Again, he titled his scarred cheek away from her, but interlocked their gazes.
She studied him for a long moment before giving him a quick nod. Her throat worked. “You do this often?”
Axe edged the sliding shower door to one side with his sneaker. He set her on her feet, steadied her when she wobbled, and knelt to unlace her shoes.
“Are we divulging past fucks but not names? None of your business if I do. For the record I’m clean. You seem to have guessed I’m in the Navy. Regular checkups. Last one mere days ago and, no, I haven’t indulged since then.”
He stood and worked her sweatpants down over her hips.
She had craned her neck to stare at him, but hadn’t moved otherwise though her rasped breathing told him of her increasing excitement intermingled with a growing apprehension. Tugging at her lower lip, she swallowed, and then spoke, her voice laced with a husky coarseness, “I’m clean too. It’s been a while since I’ve, ah, indulged.”
The sight of her red lacey boy-cut panties against smooth golden skin had his prick leaking. He couldn’t resist slipping a hand underneath the soft cotton and cupping her mound.
She was drenched.
He let his fingers slide through her slick folds. “This first one’s gonna go down faster than I wanted.”
She gripped his forearms and licked a bicep.
“Damn.” He just about shot his load. “Let’s get naked fast.”
“Oh yeah,” she growled.
The perfume of her juices proved too much temptation. He forced his hand away from her heated core, brought his fingertips to his nose, and inhaled deeply before sucking her honey off his hands.
Her nails dug into his flesh. “Hell. Do it now.”
The fervent command and the way she stared at his erection snapped him back from the edge.
A lazy grin stole across his lips. He studied the sheen of perspiration coating her bent forehead, and the way her nostrils flared like a mare in heat desperate for mounting. “Naked. Skin to skin.”
“Oh yeah,” she agreed and in a flash yanked at his gym shorts, dragging the material down enough to free his rampant erection. She gripped him at the base with both hands. “Oh yeah.”
And just like that he was riding the line again. It took the last iota of discipline pounded into him during his time with the Teams to pry her fingers apart. “Show me your tits.”
She reached for him.
Axe caught her hands, twisted them crosswise, and spun her about so her back ground into his chest. He nuzzled her ear, tongued the whorls, and bit the lobe. “You like being in charge, don’t you?”
Hope you enjoyed!


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10 thoughts on “Prymal Lust Preview

  1. Holy HOTNESS Jianne! That excerpt is making me tingle and I want this book. Yup WANT! Where and when is it coming out – I have looked at and can’t see it!


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