BINGO ** Clue 2 coming at you!

Hello gamers! Have you begun playing BINGO with us? If you missed clue #1 yesterday on Lynn’s post, make sure you scroll back to check it out.


I’ll reiterate a few of the tips the lovely Lynn mentioned yesterday. Each day we’ll post a different clue. Match the clue to the book cover. If you get stuck, you can always check out our blurbs on Amazon. Heck, feel free to one-click us while you’re there. 😉 We’ll play until we get a winner.

Keep track of your correct clue match on the board. The center space is free. Once you fill a row up, down, across, or diagonal, no corners please, then email our mistress of games, Emilia Mancini at and call Bingo!
The winner gets a copy of our print anthology Love in the Cards, a selection of hot little stories set in New Orleans on Halloween at a mysterious mansion. The book is signed by several of us ladies.

Here is clue #2:

Clue 1

On a personal note, I’ll be able to share a new cover with you very soon. Stay tuned for Predator’s Fire. The book comes Sept 8 and a hot cover featuring models Scott Nova and Angelina Cavanaugh is coming at you any time. I’m so excited to share artist Lyn Taylor’s work. Thanks to her and Valerie Tibbs for coordinating this cover for me.

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