Patience is a Virtue … and Bingo Clue #4

You all know me as a romance author.  But before I was an author I was — and still am — a fan of romance novels.  I’ve read every genre known to romance. I go through streaks and will only read romantic suspense. Then I’ll get the yen for some Regency romance.  Some times I go on a scifi  or paranormal romance reading binge. Then something erotic and kinky.

Bottom-line, I read all the time.

Like most fans, I have my favorite authors, those whose books I haunt the bookstores both online and in bricks and mortar.  And like most fans, I NEED that next fix.

But being an author, I’ve learned: LIFE INTRUDES.

My fans are the best.  You have waited patiently while I parented parents for two and a half years and then dealt with the aftermath of their deaths. You’ve suffered through my and my hubby’s cataract surgeries and post-operative recuperation. Even without the major life crises, day-to-day life happens. There are often days I can barely sit my butt in my chair and write for all sorts of little reasons.  My DH is sick. Or the A/C went out and I have to sit on hold to get someone to come fix it– and my DH is freaking out because he can NOT handle heat/humidity. Or the painter is here. Or … well, you get the picture.

What brought this up and why am I blogging about it?

Two of my favorite authors have been catching some flak lately because their books did not come out when the author initially said they would.  In both instances, these authors had valid and serious personal reasons why the books were delayed. And there were some people who posted some not-very-nice comments on the authors’ FB pages. I was happy to see that there were far more fans supporting the two authors than were tearing them down, but I’m sure the authors were hurt by some of the mean-spirited comments.

So, first, I want to say THANK YOU  to all my fans who have waited patiently and with good grace and humor when my books didn’t come out as quickly as you’d like. Trust me, I want to put out two quality books a year, but some days it just isn’t happening. I LOVE MY FANS!

And second, I want to throw my  support to all the authors I love to read. HUGS TO YOU. Your family and loved ones are far more important than the next book. Your health is more important than the next book.  I understand how hard it is just to get your butt out of bed some days as life throws you curve balls, let alone to try to be creative. So, I, as your loyal fan, will re-read all your previous books and wait patiently for the next book. I will then buy it. Read it. Recommend it to my friends. Dear author, be well. Be happy. Be creative when y’all get the time. I’ll still be here — your loyal fan, Moni.

There is no waiting, however, for Bingo Clue #4:

Bingo Clue 1







If you are not playing Love, Lust and Laptops Bingo Game it’s not too late (we just started on Monday! — and there is no Bingo yet!)

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6 thoughts on “Patience is a Virtue … and Bingo Clue #4

  1. I totally agree with you. When I see some of those comments on authors pages demanding the next book and getting mad when is not released on time, I shake my head and think where are these people living, is their life so smooth and where do they get the gall to behave like that. I am an avid reader too, so when a book is delayed, there are thousands to choose from, I read something else.


    • Seelkfireice–

      Whew, I was concerned when I wrote this. I didn’t want to be controversial, but I felt it needed to be addressed. I was upset for the two authors in question. Really upset. One of them I know personally, and she is one of the hardest workers and most prolific authors I know. The other author is a new author for me, and she turns out books very quickly, so the backlash when she missed a deadline because of not one, but two, serious family medical emergencies, was rude and, yes, I’ll say it, cruel.

      So far, knock on wood, my fans have been super-patient when life has thrown me some curve balls and books get delayed – or my Muse decides to take the long, slow road to the end.

      When I was growing up, back in the day of typesetting by hand — before the Wang Word Processors and then PCs and way before digital was even commonplace — some of my favorite authors only put out one book a year. Some of them still do (Elizabeth Lowell comes to mind). But when the book finally came, it was like an extra holiday – I’d clear out the rest of my evening, sit down, and read the book cover to cover. It was a treat.

      Hugs and thanks for commenting from one avid reader to another.


    • Thanks. This topic got stuck in my head and wouldn’t leave. I think we, as authors, try very hard to please our fans. I know I do. Hell, the main reason I push myself is to please my fans.

      But there are some days, writing is not my number one priority. I am amazed at authors like Nora Roberts/JD Robb, who can turn out four long books a year. I can not do that. Two full length novels are it for me — and that’s pushing it since my process is very long and involved, and yes, I’ll admit to it — obsessive. Most years I am lucky to get one full-length and one novella done.


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