Caffeine and Bingo

Life without Caffeine…day three…

I never considered myself dependent on caffeine. I drink an occasional cup of coffee, but not often. Sure, I have like two…maybe four…cups of hot tea in the morning, but it isn’t coffee.

So imagine my surprise when I went to the doctor earlier this week for a checkup and the first thing he did after taking my blood pressure was tell me to nix the caffeine.



But, I’m innocent, I tell ya!

He laughed, shook his head, and then said, “No more caffeine.”

Okay, fine. I keep decaf on hand, I can handle it.

Ladies and gentlemen, day one was fine. Until about 8 pm when I finally sat down on the sofa and was out like a light.

Day two? Perfectly fine. But then 8 pm rolled around, and I crashed and burned.

I am now on day three of no caffeine, Friday night, I have plans that require me to leave the house. I’m a bit terrified that I’m going to fall asleep before I even leave the house!

I didn’t get headaches or grouchiness. I may have been a bit more scatterbrained (don’t laugh!) but overall, I thought I was doing okay. Apparently, though, caffeine is what was keeping me alive and kicking after the sun went down.

How could I have been so dependent and not known it? Those addictions are sneaky, I tell ya.

Anyway, I realized how little I actually know about caffeine, so I did a little research and learned a few things.

  • Caffeine is a psychoactive drug and is used by most adults daily.
  • After digestion, it can take up to 45 minutes for the effects of caffeine to begin and they wear off within three hours.
  • The natural bitterness of caffeine is used as a pest deterrent in plants.
  • It is recommended that adults not consume more than 300mg of caffeine a day. Most adults average over 600mg.
  • And the most interesting thing…even decaffeinated beverages have some traces of caffeine in them. Boo!

We’re not going to listen to the last one. Excuse me while I double up on my decaffeinated tea.

em clue 2

6 thoughts on “Caffeine and Bingo

  1. It’s my only addiction (well, I’m also addicted to books, but that is a good thing, yes?) – and I have low blood pressure – so I’m keeping my caffeine. 🙂 I feel for you, Em — I would not get through a day without caffeine. I did decaffeinate myself once — then I got pregnant and craved Pepsis and Burrito Supremes from Taco Bell. I’m shock my kid didn’t come out saying “ole” with a caffeine addiction.


  2. I have an ulcer, do no carbonated beverages, caffeine, alcohol, etc. I haven’t had caffeine (even in decaffeinated and herbal tea) in almost 20 years. I still crave an occasional Pepsi and I miss chocolate now and then, but it’s better to skip it and not have the killer heartburn. Looking at me, you can tell I have found substitutes for chocolate. A caramel cashew sundae from Culvers is awesome and I would have missed it if I could have hot fudge.

    Hang in there!! You can do it.


    • Thanks, Lisa! My husband made me an herbal tea last night. I clearly had caffeine in it. I was up all night after days of crashing no later than 9pm. He felt so bad, but he really thought he was making decaf! Amazing what a difference a little bit makes!

      Oh…and Culvers. Mmmmmm….


  3. BINGO!

    Yay me! Bound to be taken Explosive combination Free space Unmasking the wolf Cupids arrow

    What did I win????? 🙂 Nickie

    Typing on iPad, ignore silly typos. Really, I can spell.



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