What next? by Lynn Lorenz/Theodora Lane

You might be wondering, what is that Lynn Lorenz/Theodora Lane up to these days?

Well, besides trying to get over the empty nest feelings of “hey, why didn’t the kids do the dishes?” I’ve been busy on the writing front.
Signed the contract with Loose Id for the next Lynn Lorenz Rougaroux Social Club werewolf book – Bayou des Enfants. Yeehaw! Should be starting edits soon. Have no idea when it will come out, readers. Sorry. But I’m sure the cover will look something like these…
LL_RSC_BayouDreams LL_RSC_BayousEnd_coversm LL_RSC3_BayouLoup

Theodora Lane is not doing too bad either. Contracts are in the mail for a new series, Maximus Force, about a group of ex-special forces guys set here in Texas, and their adventures in the rescue for hire business. It’s a three book deal, with the possibility for more, if sales are good. This is with Hartwood Publishing, formerly Taliesin Publishing. Same great people, just a name change. Here are some of their wonderful covers for my books with them…
Her_Lieutenant-Theodora_Lane-500x800 The_Ambassadors_Daughter-Theodora_Lane-200x320 HeartOfAWarrior_TLane_500X800

Lynn is also planning on writing the next Werewolf Fight League book and the next Locke and Blade story too! WWFL is from Loose Id and Locke and Blade is from Amber Quill Press. Wow, I managed to wedge a ton of covers into this post. Nice! Cuz they’re pretty!
LockeBlade1 LL_Tor_coverlg1 Ashland

So I’ve got some writing to do as you can see. Along with a few other things I’ve started and need to finish before subbing them.

There is no rest for the wicked…

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