Queer Romance Month Has Begun!

October is awesome for many reasons, but this year, it’s awesome for a new reason: Queer Romance Month! We kicked off today with a fabulous party over at Joyfully Jay–including some awesome giveaways, and I’d love if you’d come check it out here: http://joyfullyjay.com/2014/10/giveaway-guest-post-by-queer-romance-month/

Having chosen to not just get involved in the event, but to be a part of the organizing team, I’ve given a lot of thought as to why queer romance is important to me, and it’s honestly an extension of why romance is important to me. Many years ago, I deduced that if I wanted to read about women with sexual agency who actually, you know, survived to the end of a novel, pretty much the only place to find it was the romance genre. And in romance, not only do women with sexual agency survive, they actually thrive.

They thrive.

They are rewarded with a happy ever after.

This, my friends, is in this day and age, still revolutionary. And we aren’t even talking about queer romance yet.

Imagine how my heart swelled three sizes (in a metaphor way, not a take-me-to-the-hospital-now way) the first time I read a romance with queer main characters. Queer people, in a book, who didn’t die. And who lived happily ever after.

I was hooked. Yes, I still read and write het romances, but I made room on my shelves, in my heart, and in my own writing for queer romance, because by god, I want everyone to live happily ever after, not just cisgender heterosexual beauties and their alpha male heroes, but everyone.

Queer Romance is a celebration of everything that makes romance great for queer people, for heterosexuals, for everyone who believes that love is love. Please celebrate with us! Follow the blog at http://queerromancemonth.com to read the amazing contributions of our authors, from personal essays to flash fiction. Tweet to us @queerromance, and share the love.


2 thoughts on “Queer Romance Month Has Begun!

  1. Reblogged this on vikkivaught and commented:
    Love the concept! One reason I love romance is that there is a story, genre for everyone. I love finding new authors to try. I’ve found several that I now auto-buy all their new releases. Has that happened to you?


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