New Direction by Christy Gissendaner

Has it been two weeks already? Really? The day job is kicking my bootay and I literally have about three hours of sleep per day trying to keep up with work, family, and books. Stretched thin to the max! Is it time for my vacation yet? Sadly, with happenings taking place at work today that vacation is slipping farther and farther away.

But on a happy note, I’m about one day away from shipping In Deeper off to my crit partners. In Deeper is the follow-up to my latest Etopia Press release, and I can’t wait to share the continuation of the Randolphs’ story. Micah Randolph and Celeste Proctor battle wits and desire in the second book of the series. Sins of the Flesh, my possible first venture into self-pubbing has been edited by my good pal, Kara Griffin, and I’m excited to delve into it. So it’s next on my evergrowing To Do List.

Up next, I’m plotting a brand spanking new paranormal series. Wolfies, of course, with a lot of heat and humor. Not quite sure the direction I’m going to take, but hopefully it’s one in the right direction. Wish I had more to share with ya’ll, but seriously I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off!

Until next time!

Christy Gissendaner

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