Happy Release Day, Annie Anthony!

Sometimes in this crazy world of publishing, you meet someone who not only touches your career but touches your life. I have been so very lucky in that aspect. I have the ladies here at LL&L who I know professionally and personally. I also belong to a great writing group for my other pen. I have forged such strong and amazing bonds with all of these women and am so happy to call them friends.

I love them all, but I have to say there is one lovely gal who takes the brunt of my love and affection. And I say “brunt” because not only am I full of love and affection, but I she also is the one I turn to when I need to vent, gripe, cry, and when I wonder why, oh, why do I keep going forward in this sometimes cruel and wicked world of publishing.

And today, this very day, just happens to be the release day on her first publication. I’m so proud of her because I know how difficult it is to be on both sides of the publishing game. Priorities get confused and it’s really difficult to put your own career first. I’m so excited she has!

I got a preview of her new release, Blue Suede Boi, and it is a sexy little lesbian erotica that is sure to melt your panties (well…at least the edible kind).

Hop on over to Musa Publishing and welcome my dear friend into the world of erotica!

Happy release day, Annie!




Has Kaia’s hottest fantasy become a reality in her blue suede boi?

The unattainable object of Kaia’s fantasies is browsing in a store known for barely better than cheap shoes in the most bland strip mall in town. By the chemistry sparking between then, Kaia wonders whether Amanda may have come in looking for more than just the men’s shoe rack.  Has Kaia’s hottest fantasy become a reality in her blue suede boi?


I’d first met Amanda when I was dating Zen, and yes, that’s really her name. Zen was a lawyer, and she loved having me on her arm at parties but she sucked at anything more than lavish dates. Amanda worked at Zen’s law firm, doing something—IT maybe? I’d met Amanda at the firm’s holiday party. I was dolled up in an outfit Zen had picked out. I grimaced thinking about Zen. She had embarrassed me, trotting me out as eye candy. She called me her modern day Ann-Margret. I have natural red hair and a thing for thick wings of black eyeliner, sort of a retro glam vibe. I’m a redhead who likes wearing red, but I remember fidgeting in the strapless dress bought to match Zen’s burgundy shirt and holiday tie. The tacky bridesmaid-y dress, the coordinating colors…the whole scene was so not me. Zen and I lasted only about three months. The holiday party had been the last straw.

I’d been standing alone waiting for Zen to get drinks from the bar. Amanda and her date, a crazy-hot black girl dressed almost as flashy as I was, were the only other lesbian couple. I noticed them right away, the way Amanda’s hand hovered at the curve above her date’s ass, her brilliant-white mohawk a stark contrast to the businesslike haircuts of most of the partygoers. Amanda owned her swagger. She laughed and touched her date, tossing back drinks as though the firm event was just a pre-party warm up before a night of athletic and intense fucking.

I’d felt so jealous. Jealous as fuck. Zen was a confident butch, a half- Korean girl with a close-cut boy’s haircut and a stylish andro wardrobe. We talked, but we had zero chemistry. She was only interested in how I looked to other people. I let her take me out, pay for everything, hoping things might turn into more…but they never did. At that party, I felt sick watching the chemistry spark off Amanda and her date. I wanted to take home that gorgeous boi and fuck her senseless, grab that white-hot hair between my fingers and tug her face to my tits. I would never have anything close to that with Zen. That night I knocked back too many glasses of wine and stared at Amanda from wherever Zen and I were—peering around the servers carrying cocktail snacks, running into Amanda in the ladies room. I’m sure I looked like a stalker, and I’d felt like the nerd at the high school dance with a lovesick crush on a popular athlete.

Zen had wanted to take me to her place after the holiday party. As she drove her sporty two-seater, she kept one hand under my dress, trying to stroke my pussy through my panties and teasing me when I didn’t get wet and encourage her.

“What’s up, baby?” She pulled her hand away and put both on the steering wheel. “Let’s go back to my place. I want you to sit on my face and come wearing that dress. You look so hot tonight, Kaia.”

I asked her to just take me home, told her I wasn’t feeling well. I hugged her before I went inside alone, knowing I would never see her again. I didn’t even feel like explaining. My heart sank and I felt alone and angry. Stupid candy-cane striped bow tie. Zen wasn’t a bad woman. She just wasn’t Amanda. I’d settled for Zen-relationships for too long. I wanted an Amanda of my own…that Amanda.

I got off that night, still wearing the bought-for-me red dress. I pushed my fingers deep inside my mouth, wetting them until they dripped. I rubbed my slick fingertips over my clit, arousal swelling my nub as I thought about how Amanda’s tongue would feel. I pictured her mohawk tickling my thighs as she licked me and imagined the feel of those spikes of sexy hair brushing against my chin as she sucked my nipples. I moaned so loud I probably woke my roommate, and a small squirt of come trickled down my fingers. I rolled over and grabbed my pillow for comfort, trying not to imagine what Amanda must have been doing with her date at that very moment.

Somehow, three months later, Amanda was in my shoe store.

Buy Blue Suede Boi here.









Visit Annie Anthony here!


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