Critique Buddy

cheri and moniYes, I finally met my critique buddy, Cherise Sinclair. We’ve been trying to find a conference where we both were attending, and finally managed to meet at the Novelist’s Inc conference in St. Petersburg, FL. Needless to say, I was stoked.

The beginnings of being crit buds were founded in being fan girls of each others books.  I loved Cheri’s books.  I re-read them when I need a comfort read.  Her voice calls to something in me.  It’s as if I “know” her like an old, dear friend or twins separated at birth. She also writes clean, tight prose with romance, kink, and just enough action to make my thriller-writing soul happy.

She likes my books which is very flattering. She says I write erotic romance.  I’m just thankful she likes them and wants me to critique her books.

As crit buds, we’re tough on each other–but that just makes us strive to be better writers.

Meeting her wasn’t awkward at all.  She is very nice.  Down-to-earth.  She put up with my babble and rapid change in topics. We are both normally introverts.  We both like to sit at the back of a conference room in case we feel the need to leave.  We both like our nests where we write. And we are both married to men named Tom who are retired and finding their way in that retirement. And I have to say we are both married to men who let us be what we need to be.

Yes, as I said, twins separated at birth — friends and crit buds ever since my Stormy Weather Baby and her Hour of the Lion. And I hope, friends forever now that we’ve met.




10 thoughts on “Critique Buddy

  1. I was suburb lay lucky to meet Cherise Sinclair earlier this year at the Emerald City Author Event. I went total fan girl too!!! I think I stammered and blushed bright red instantly. And then I had to work up the nerve and come back to ask for a picture. She let me sit on her lap for it, in fact she insisted!!! Squeeeeee!!!!!!

    I agree with you that her books are comforting. I find that her writing and the characters make you feel included in the story and so very safe to be who you are. Lucky you to have her as a critique buddy.


  2. Aw, you’re so sweet–and it’s just awesome to finally get to meet you in person after all these years! It’s funny, Monette, your personality online is true to your personality in person, which is very cool. But I swear, I still think you should have a lower, husky voice. LOL Nickie, I was delighted to meet you and get a picture. (You’re lucky I didn’t get the paddle out while you were on my lap. )


    • Well I wanted a Kathleen Turner voice, but got the one where people calling ask for my mom. 🙂 And, yeah, Nickie, should be grateful you didn’t have your paddle with you.

      So glad we were finally able to meet face to face. Now we have to make sure to meet at least once a year. 🙂


  3. Cherise, your books inspire me that personal obstacles can be….maybe not overcome, but at least dealt with so that life can move on instead of being stuck. I crave the intense feeling of being completely loved and cherised by someone. I strive to find that within my marriage. Same with you, Monette. Your stories involving a damsel in distress, extremely alpha males committed to helping, just really hits home. Immersing oneself in a story of suspense like the ones you write, the feeling of being loved comes through and wraps around my heart. So glad you two met. You make each other’s lives better.


    • Awww, Robin, thank you. I am thrilled that my books touch your heart. And I am betting Cheri will appreciate your comments about her books. And the day Cheri and I connected as, at first, fan girls of each others work, and then as critique partners was a very good day. I appreciate her more than I can say.


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