What was I talking about?

This is one of those weeks when I just don’t know what to talk about. It’s just a week until Halloween. Do we discuss costumes? (I totally want to go as a sharknado!) Or perhaps the immense conflict of Stranger Danger vs Trick Or Treating (don’t take candy from strangers…except this one time…)?

Bette Midler released a cover of TLC’s Waterfalls and it is scrumptious. You know I love me some Bette. Probably not blog worthy though…

Oh, hey, I got it! I went to my very first writer’s conference last weekend. In Denver. And I didn’t even take the kids and the husband with me. It was me. On my own. With real grownups. It was ahhhh-mazing. I talked about things that weren’t related to PTA, poop, or pets… no, wait, we did talk pets. Literally, at the dinner table, people were passing their phones around and oohhing and awwing over pets. Is that normal at a writer’s conference?

This picture of my corgi in an owl hat was a big hit!

This picture of my corgi in an owl hat was a big hit!

Anyway, I took pitches for Kensington and it was a blast. I heard some really great ideas. Actually, I didn’t hear any bad ones. I asked everyone to send me their manuscripts because if I didn’t want it, I was sure someone else would. Really, the pitches were just that good. Or maybe I was just so happy to be there, that I was overjoyed and everything sounded good.

I also …gasp… pitched my own book to an agent. And he wants to read it! I was super excited until I realized he had probably succumbed to the same writer’s conference joy that I was under. Well, damn…

Anyway, I thought I’d share some pointers for those of you with upcoming conferences who may be delivering pitches.

  1. Even if the person across the table from you isn’t interested in your story, they aren’t going to be mean to you, so relax.
  2. Be prepared. More than one person rambled aimlessly while fidgeting with my business cards. If they’d taken just a few minutes to think about what to say, it would have gone more smoothly. **disclaimer** I totally pitched to the agent on a whim and was one of those rambling people. It was horrible.
  3. Share your characters, their motives, the conflict, and the resolution. Don’t talk to about the publishing biz. This is your time to sell yourself, chatting can be done throughout the conference.
  4. Smile and be confident. We like that.
  5. Did I mention breathing?


4 thoughts on “What was I talking about?

  1. Yay, Em. Glad you got some one on one adult author time. Fun, isn’t it? I’m at NINC con right now –which is solely an industry con — and learning stuff I never knew about Twitter, Book Bub, Amazon, and still have more to go. I’ll try to blog about the tips and tricks and inside information after I get back and get caught up!


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