300 Days of Sunshine a Year!

The_Sun_by_the_Atmospheric_Imaging_Assembly_of_NASA's_Solar_Dynamics_Observatory_-_20100819I can’t for the life of me figure out why Florida’s called the Sunshine State.

We’re in Mountain View, California visiting our wayward one who works for Google. While waiting for him to pick us up at the airport, I perused a brochure about the area. First of all, it’s stunning, picturesque, and the weather’s perfect. Between the Redwood-lined avenues, the small-town ambiance because of a lack of buildings over eleven stories, and the three hundred days of sunshine a year, it’s no wonder my son’s boss paid over $800K for a 1875 square foot two-bedroom apartment.

Getting back to sunshine days, in South Florida, where we reside, there are 249 days where you see the sun. Over 149 of those 249 days are partially sunny, which means it rains every day for at least three hours after lunch. Here in Mountainview, you’re guaranteed over 200 cloud-free days.

So why is Florida the Sunshine State?

The Viking just pointed out the word state. Ok, so more research. I compared the average days of sunshine for the major cities in California and Florida. It turns out that except for Eureka, all the California cities outdid their Florida counterparts by at least 40 days.

Genius marketing—that’s my conclusion.

Now the big question – does sunshine equal more sex and romance? Do Portland natives enjoy the big kahuna as frequently and as intently as Floridians? (I’m speaking as a Floridian)

Here’s some great pics of Google, Mountainview, San Jose, and their environs.

My favorite part of the Google tour - the sushi bar - one of the 32 restaurants on the campus. Googlers are encouraged to take home food.

My favorite part of the Google tour – the sushi bar – one of the 32 restaurants on the campus. Googlers are encouraged to take home food.

Below is Santanna Row, which was built during the dot.com boom. Right before the officially opening, there was the dot com bust, and a mysterious fire that razed the whole area and 30 neighboring houses. The city forced the investors to rebuild. Now rents for less than 2000 sq ft apartments average over $4,500/month. Wonder how big those investors made out between the insurance and the current <2% vacancy rate in this part of California? Maybe you can get away with crime?

IMG_2218[1] IMG_2215[1] IMG_2217[1]IMG_2216[1]

The Viking hates shopping, but when he spied the Tesla store-he drooled! We overheard the salesperson saying, “We’re accepting reservations for a year from now.”


Then the wayward one told us the tale of an engineer they were trying to recruit. He refused to accept the over 500K salary & signing bonus offer unless they moved him to the top of the Tesla waiting list. What do you think happened? Sheesh, to be a young genius these days.

The viking hates shopping, but when he spied the Tesla store-he drooled!IMG_2225[1] IMG_2223[1]

Merry Monday,



4 thoughts on “300 Days of Sunshine a Year!

  1. Jianne — Just got home from FL — it was sunny every day. So, it lived up to its name. And Tesla — we have a dealership near us and my hubby really wants me to have one. Me? I’ll happily settle for an Audi A6 – wiith Jason Statham driving it. 😉


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