Car-Trip Brainstorming

MM_TPC3_PrimeImperativePrime Imperative has been out for exactly one month today.  I have been overwhelmed, thrilled, and extremely grateful by the reception for my Prime Chronicles books.

Originally, I had only planned on a trilogy. But after many requests by my avid fans, I had made the decision to leave the option open to write more in this world.

But what to write?

I had no real ideas for another story arc, but I did have two sets of secondary characters in Prime Imperative who clamored for their own stories.

Cheri Stafford, Bria’s research assistant, and Zaek Magga, a computer engineer working in Iolyn Caradoc’s unit, will be getting a short story of their intense bond-mating in a Galanti Simulation Room while on the  trip from Oz to Cejuru Prime.  For those who have read the third book, you will know exactly where this comes in the book.  🙂

And Damon Martin, Bria’s stepbrother, was heart-broken when Bria turned out to be mated to Iolyn — so he needs a girl.  Susa, the ex-Caradoc sex surrogate, is the cousin of Damon’s business partner, Borac, and I had Susa going for a visit to help out with Borac’s Terran wife Cissy’s impending birth. So, there was the potential for a novella in that relationship.

But how could I expand either of those story lines into more than a short story and a novella?MM_TPC2_PrimeSelection_3_x_4

Well, my Muse struck me on a long two-day drive to Florida and back. (It’s boring riding in a car).

So, the good news is — Damon and Susa’s novella will be the first entry in a new trilogy.  I had left one major plot point open at the end of the first three books — who was/were the doctor(s) who aided Tenar Caradoc in developing and delivering the toxin that harmed Prime women’s immune systems to the point that their bodies rejected fertilized eggs or caused miscarriages?

This new trilogy will answer that question. In the first novella, danger follows Susa to Jump Station Charybdis. Susa knows something she doesn’t realize is important to unmasking the real culprit(s).  Of course, Damon will protect her.  The second and third books will bring in some new couples and bring back old favorites while the evil mastermind is rooted out.

So, yay! I can keep my Prime fans happy, tie up a loose plot line, and show some babies being born to the original bonded couples (a request I have been getting from some of my Prime fans). And who knows?  These new works might even kick my Muse in the butt to find even more stories in my Prime Chronicles world.

primeobsessionWhen will all this happy Prime-ness happen?

I am still writing Security Specialist International books and plan to alternate writing the new entries in Prime Chronicles with the SSI novels.

The Cheri and Zaek Prime short story?  It is a work-in-progress (truth is this story is writing itself and I couldn’t be happier) and could be — mind you I said, could be — out by the end of the year.

I am also working on putting all the Prime books into print through Amazon beginning in January, 2015. The books will come out one per month: Prime Obsession with a revised cover in January, 2015; Prime Selection with a revised cover in February, 2015;  and Prime Imperative in March, 2015.

And all of this Prime happiness is thanks to my Prime fans’ enthusiasm and a long road trip.


12 thoughts on “Car-Trip Brainstorming

    • Always a possibility. 🙂 The short story is all about Cheri and Zaek and only feature those two since it will be less than 10,000 words. The first novella about Damon and Susa will have appearances by some of the previous books’ characters, but the other two books are mere general ideas in my head – but I am leaning to giving a Volusian a sweetie — so A’tem is definitely in the running. 😉


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