Vacation Planning by Robin Danner

Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us…QUICK! And before you know it, it’ll be Christmas. This time of year is always hectic around my house. The end of the fiscal year (and calendar year) at work brings a lot of headache to me at the day job. Not to mention the “rush” to get your books published during the prime month of December. (Can someone please explain to me why December is such a large bookselling month??) Hopefully Book 2 of my Tybee Island Wolves will be coming out in late December. I also have that little Kindle Scout going on with Sins of the Flesh. (If you haven’t voted for me yet, please do so! Twelve days left!) Last night, I finished my first draft of brand new wolfie series, so I’ll be polishing it up in the coming weeks.

So what do I do for fun in these stressful times, you ask? Well this year, I’m sneaking away from baking turkeys and slaving over a hot stove for the cool Smoky Mountains. That’s right. This chick right here will be in Gatlinburg in approximately thirteen days for a much-needed vacay. (Not that I’m counting or anything.) I’ve always wanted to go to the mountains when the leaves are changing, but with the Polar Vortex I’m more worried I’m going to see nothing but a blanket of white. For this Alabama gal, snow and I do not mix. Especially if I’m on a mountaintop somewhere.

True story..a couple of Marchs ago, the fam and I were at Obergatlinburg when a blizzard came in. I literally freaked out when the snow started sticking to the ground and demanded the hubby drive me back to the valley quick, fast, and in a hurry. The fam still pokes fun at me because of that one. So while I dream of indoor pools and hot tubs (and possibly Smoky Mountain Moonshine), what will everyone else be up to? Any travels plans?

4 thoughts on “Vacation Planning by Robin Danner

  1. I’m in Minnesota and we not only have snow (10″ at my house), but we have a high today of 15 degrees. Yuck!!

    No plans to head somewhere warm, but as winter goes on that may change.


    • Lol, Lisa. I leave the warm climes for the snow, and you do the opposite. Although we’ve been getting snow a little here in Alabama the past few years.


  2. We had light dusting of snow last night– it’s gone today since the sun is out and the temps are just above freezing. I like snow. So I plan to stay in my nice warm house and watch the white stuff make everything look pretty outside. Love snow in the mountains. Wish I were in Beaver Creek Colorado in a nice condo with a fire and a burbling mountain stream outside my patio doors (been there, done that, loved it). There’s just something wonderful about clean, fresh mountain air when snow is on the ground.


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