Back Home to Two Fantabulous Reviews

While I admit to a serious case of wanderlust, there’s nothing like coming home after a long holiday, and falling into your own freshly laundered sheets on your own bed. That said, I love, love to travel. During our last trip out to the West coast primarily to visit my ‘wayward’ son and meet the love of his life, I did the unthinkable and the unforgivable in this day and age—I ignored technology with the exception of tweeting a few pics from the trip. Three weeks of no FB, no email, and no Pinterest. A fabulous technology detox—you should try it sometime!

So, on Friday, I found these two incredible reviews for Prymal Lust and Prymal Obsession, and I couldn’t resist sharing them.

Prymal Lust

Prymal_Lust-Jianne_Carlo-200x320This is the first in the Prymal Series by Jianne Carlo and I am now a fan of the storyline that was introduced in the book. It was a fantastic read; it was fast paced, exciting and had a great plot. It kept me captivated from the beginning to the end. There was no part of this book that I did not enjoy.

The characters had depth and a realness to them that made me feel as though I knew them. This was extremely engaging, well-written, easy to read novel. It’s infused with excitement, passion and suspense that will keep you guessing throughout.

Tania is a Wylfen female. She is very likeable and has a strong sense of herself. She is independent and wants to stay that way, although she doesn’t know it she is on her way to being mated. That is until she meets the completely irresistible Axe, and talk about chemistry and passion! These two have that is spades. Axe is an alpha and he is also a Feral, and that means hands off when it comes to Tania, but that doesn’t stop them, and thank heavens for that!

The steamy passionate sex scenes between Axe and Tania are smoking hot. Ms. Carlo sure knows how to write great erotica and the adrenalin rush I got from reading the hot sex, action and suspense kept me reading from the beginning to the end. Their journey to overcoming the prejudices surrounding their races is an exciting, passionate and tender one. Family troubles aside, while they both need to overcome their own insecurities in order to be together there is a very real story of love and understanding.

I highly recommend this book, especially if you enjoy a great shifter novel with lots of heated sex and tons of action and suspense. I can’t wait to read about what happens next in this series. It captivated my imagination and has me wanting more. I can’t wait for the next installment in the Prymal Series.  KimP of Night Owl Reviews

Fresh Fiction Review

“Another sexy story in this highly addictive series!”

Prymal Obsession
Jianne Carlo

Reviewed by Miranda Owen
Posted November 12, 2014

Prymal_Obsession-Jianne_Carlo-mockupPRYMAL OBSESSION is Book two in Jianne Carlo’s Prymal series. This series is so addictive. When Sidonie Walker was first introduced, near the end of the previous book, I wasn’t sure that I would like her. She seemed like a primped man-eater. However, in PRYMAL OBSESSION, it’s revealed that Sid is not what she appears to be. Brut calls her sexy trappings her armor but she corrects him and calls it her crutch. I love how Jianne Carlo weaves together a sexy romance, an action-packed story, and an interesting character study.

A kidnapping and a mystery surrounding money drives much of the action in PRYMAL OBSESSION. At the opening of this story Sidonie finds that her business partner, and surrogate younger brother, Davy is missing and presumed kidnapped. Luckily for her, she is friends with some big, bad dudes who are experts at finding people and taking care of business. Among them is standoffish hottie Brut Jurango. The danger involved with Davy’s situation, the mystery of what exactly happened to him and how everything is connected adds interest to the story without obscuring the romance. The developing relationship between Sidonie an Brut remains the central story in PRYMAL OBSESSION.

Like the previous story in this Prymal series, the story is told from both points of view. I enjoy this and think it makes the main characters easier to understand. Jianne Carlo did a fabulous job adding depth to Sidonie and exploring her past. This story showed her vulnerabilities and made me like her. Brut made me melt with his sexiness but also with his poetic endearments for Sidonie. However, he is an interesting contradiction. I don’t think he means to, but he sends Sid some mixed messages. On the one hand, he tries to keep his distance emotionally but he also ties her closer to him at every turn. His past makes his conflicted emotions understandable. The romance between them is both tender and incredibly erotic.

PRYMAL OBSESSION is an exciting and erotic romance with complex characters. I look forward to seeing what Jianne Carlo has in store for other characters like Kydd Kolton and Apache. I can’t wait for the next book! Jianne Carlo writes the perfect blend of exquisite naughtiness and great story-telling.

What a great way to start the week—huh?

Merry Monday!


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