Christmas Comes Early!

eyeofthestorm_600_x_800Here’s an early Christmas present for readers who love romantic suspense/thrillers featuring alpha-male heroes, heroines strong enough to stand up to them, lots of danger and action — and sex, can’t forget the sex.

The first book in the Security Specialists International series, Eye of the Storm, has been chosen as part of iBooks Discover a New Author for Free feature.

From December 1 thru 15, you can go to iTunes Store and download Eye of the Storm for zero dollars.

Here is the LINK to Eye of the Storm on iBooks (from there you can go to the store to purchase).

Here is the LINK to all my books at iBooks.

You can also download two FREE novellas in the SSI series, Stormy Weather Baby (Book 1.5) and Storm Front (Book 2.5), from my publisher, Liquid Silver Books at this LINK.

And as if I haven’t given you enough SSI for the holidays, here’s a sneak peak at Storm Warning, Book 4 in the SSI series. This book is all about Keely Walsh-Maddox’s youngest brother, Stuart Alan Walsh aka Tweeter, an alpha-geek computer specialist.

Why alpha-geek?  Tweeter is an alpha-male because he was raised by a Marine Colonel and had four older brothers. So, the pecking order in the Walsh household was all about survival of the fittest even if it was just to get seconds at the dinner table.  He’s a geek because he has a high IQ, a life-long interest in all things electronic and computers, and stood in loco parentis to his genius sister when she attended MIT instead of Tweeter going into the military.  While at MIT, he received his doctorate in computer engineering.

Physical inspiration for Tweeter?  Chris Hemsworth. Yum.

Tweeter’s love interest?  DJ Poe, a former Army helicopter pilot with some interesting extra training. DJ comes to work for SSI as the first female operative since SSI often had to provide personal security for  female VIPs.

The danger? DJ’s past in Mingo County, West Virginia will come back to haunt her. An undercover assignment with Tweeter in Belize to root out a man hiring hackers for nefarious reasons will turn dangerous because of an SSI enemy who will not die.

Steamy tropical rain forests. Cold-stone killers. A determined  Tweeter. A skittish DJ. Add up to stormy times ahead.

Holiday Blog Hop BannerDon’t miss the Hot for the Holidays Blog Hop.  Details will be on the blog on Saturday, December 6th. Yes, there will be prizes!  Both a grand prize package from all the ladies of LL&L plus the chance to win other prizes on each of the LL&L lady’s personal blogs.

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