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There’s nothing like the thrill of writing the last sentence in a manuscript. For me, once a tale’s in my head I have to finish it. Yesterday, I completed Prymal Passion and submitted the book to my editor.

I’m dying to get the cover, but since I don’t have that, I thought to share a teaser with you today.

Prymal Passion – Unedited Excerpt
A cowboy, complete with Stetson, boots, and lethal silver-wheel spurs swung out of the driver’s seat. He reminded her of Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall, only prettier. Eyes the turquoise of a tropical lagoon shimmered in the gloominess.

His spurs jangled when he ambled over to them. He tipped his hat, lifted a square chin, and inspected Kata and Natusya. A crooked smile deepened twin dimples. The cowboy’s incredible handsomeness combined with that mouth-watering grin and those mesmerizing eyes had her dumbfounded.

She reminded herself to be afraid.

“Ain’t that just your fricking Irish luck, Bandit? You go a-hunting vermin and catch a modern-day Madonna and her angel-child?”

A stiff crosswind chased dirt, rubble, and tumbleweeds across the gulley. The moon reappeared and Kata choked back a gasp when she saw him, Bandit, clearly. Mother Mary, he looked like a Highlander bandit, with those craggy features, and piercing eyes of a hue too midnight and navy to be real. He had inky eyelashes too long and curly to belong to a man. She stared at his full, sensuous mouth and had the stupid urge to tongue-tickle the seam of his lips.

Kata shook her head. She had gone bat shit crazy, or maybe Alzheimer’s really was contagious.

Bandit snorted. “Madonna? More she-devil. Little witch took a shot at me, stabbed me with a puny dagger, and bit my ear.”

Her temper went ballistic, she shouted, “Where’s the blood? I know I tasted blood. And I know got you in the shoulder with my penknife.”

Natusya reacted to her barked question and growled statements with a yelp and a drumming of her heels on Kata’s belly and butt. Kata rocked back and forth on her heels, and murmured, “Hush manYUnya.”

“Russian?” the cowboy asked.

“Ukrainian, the equivalent of hush little one. Contain your tantrum, Kata. You’re upsetting your daughter. Keep an eye on ‘em, Kydd. Kata’s stashed her and the baby’s stuff on the ridge. I’ll be back in a few.” Bandit dusted his hands, crouched a tad, and leapt.

Kata’s jaw sagged.

Natusya, now wide awake and curious, giggled. “Fly. Fly like he. Mama.”

“Oops. Pretend you didn’t see that, honey. It’s the wolf and lion in him.” Kydd tipped the brim of his hat. “Don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced. I’m Kydd Kolton.”

He had such an engaging grin that Kata couldn’t help smiling at him. “That’s an unusual name. It sounds kind of familiar. And you look familiar, too.”

She had entered loony land, or trespassed into some sort of alternate reality, where she and Natusya had just become prisoners of a cowboy charmer and a man who leapt like a mountain lion. Right now she should be panicking, or screaming, or running for her life, not simply standing there catching files with her open mouth.

“Do you go to the movies, Kata?”

Oh yeah. Her brain cells had fried to cinders. “Yes.”

When he removed his hat and dragged a hand through his tousled shoulder-length hair, a vague memory stirred. “You’re Kydd Kolton. You’re in those car movies. What was the name of the last one?”

“Kolton Krazy.” A deep slash of scarlet stained his bronzed cheeks.

All at once Bandit landed in a thud of dust and rocks right in front of Kata. One minute he wasn’t there, the next he was. He had to have jumped from the ridge above them. She swallowed around the huge fright marble clogging her throat. No normal human being could make that jump without fracturing a bone. Had she found the Wylfen Britta’d told her about?

“What’re you going to do to us?” She hated the reedy sound of her voice.

“Take you home. Get some food into the both of you, and then let you rest.” Bandit stuffed her duffel bag and her two backpacks into a narrow storage area in the back of the ATV.

“I’m not going anywhere with either of you.” She dug her heels into the loose gravel.

“Suit yourself. But that baby’s coming with us. We’ll call children’s services, and turn her over to them—”

“No way.” She cuddled Natusya tighter and the girl cried out.

“The temperature’s dipping into the low fifties tonight. We can’t in good conscience leave you two out here. Now, you’ve recognized me, right? Here, take my cell, call someone, and tell them we’re taking you and your daughter to this address, 12480 Bright Trail, Trenton, California. Tell them you’re with me. Bandit here will take a pic of us, and you can send it to your friend. Or if you want, we can drop you to a hotel. Gotta tell you though, nearest one is a good forty minute drive away and it’s not in a great area.” Kydd Kolton tapped his Stetson against his jean-clad thigh.

Kata chewed the insides of her cheeks. She couldn’t risk going to a hotel in the middle of the night and attracting unwanted attention.

“Here.” Bandit offered her the pistol she’d shot earlier. “Take it as insurance.”

“Show her your trident,” Kydd suggested.

“What?” Kata became more confused by the second. A trident, like the devil’s?

“Bandit’s a Navy SEAL. I can see from your expression you know what a SEAL is. We’re the good guys, Kata.” Kydd flipped his hat from one hand to the other.

Bandit’s earlier statement about frogmen and lungs suddenly made sense. And what had Kydd said? Pretend you didn’t see that. It’s the wolf and lion in him.

All at once Kata knew—she was one step closer to sanctuary. Either that, or she’d found hell in the form of two devils.

Hope you enjoyed!





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