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Need-Becca_Jameson-500x800Hi everyone! So the excitement around here this week is the release of the third book in The Fight Club series, Need. The response from all my readers has been unbelievable. Thanks to all who enjoy my MMA fighters and their submissives!


Emily Townsend needs closure. And she’s will do anything to get it, including visit a local BDSM club. What she doesn’t expect is for the sexy man she’s been ogling for three weeks to waltz over to her table and dominate her in a way she’s never experienced.

Rider Henderson doesn’t do newbies. Or girlfriends. But the cute pixy hanging around his club has drawn him to her side like a magnet. Perhaps if he took her on as a trainee, he could purge her from his system.

The steam between Emily and Rider is undeniable. Not only is she a natural submissive, but she also enjoys watching him fight. That doesn’t change the fact Rider doesn’t want a permanent woman hanging around, nor does Emily have any interest in sharing Rider with her family or coworkers. It’s a summer fling. Nothing more.


And in other news: If you’re a fan of my Doms, stay tuned for my secret, little-known side project. On January 6 I will release the first book in a new series: The Rules. And y’all are the first to hear about this because I haven’t said a word publicly yet. 😉 In the coming days I will post more details and the cover. I’m just a tease… 😉

2 thoughts on “Need and Hot for the Holidays Blog Hop!

  1. Becca – my goodness, girl. Did you clone yourself? How do you find the time to write all these books? Congrats on the new book and new series. And, please, share the secret on how you manage to do all the things you do? Clean living? Hot sex? Vitamins? Whatever it is, I need some. xoxoxo


  2. OhYAY MORE Becca is MORE BETTER! lol Can you tell I just made that up? Excellent! You know I’m a total fangirl when it comes to your writing, especially this and Stephanie’story!
    You know I love your wolves….

    And yes darling, you are one of the best teasers I know… 😉


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