Fetishes…of the purse kind

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! I’m so excited.

No, not because I’ll be seeing love and joy through my kids eyes or having a wonderful meal with my family. I mean, yeah, that’s part of it–love those little Mancini babies and all their love and joy…but the absolutely best part about this Christmas? The big box sitting under my tree that is holding this amazing present…and it has my name on it.

How do I know? Did I sneak a peek? Gasp! I would never. Do I have x-ray vision? I wish! Am I telepathic? Nope, not in this life. I simply have the most wonderful mother-in-law in all the land who ordered exactly what I asked for…a new purse!

To this, Mr. Mancini sighed. He rolled his eyes. He made that disapproving sound that only a husband married to a woman with a closet full of purses and shoes can make. (It’s eerily similar to the noise I make when he promises that he’ll fix that leaky faucet eventually…but that’s a whole different post.)

The need for a new purse can’t be helped. It cannot be denied. It is an impulse that is a million times greater than all my logic, a desire that burns hotter than a thousand burning suns.  I don’t know how or when it happened, really, I just know it did. I just know that I, Emilia purse2Mancini, have a purse fetish. Not just any purses. No, my loves, my fetish is for purses that are so large I could carry a litter of puppies inside.

I like to keep things in my bag. Lots of things. Like tissues, hand sanitizer…small countries.  I need pockets for everything. I need organization. I need sleeves and pockets and pen holders. I have a digital recorder, pens, notebooks, a camera, and a laptop that I carry  for work. So, yeah, these big monstrous purses I carry serve a purpose. But more than that, they make me feel secure. I don’t feel good while carrying a cutesy little purse. I mean…how can I fit all my stuff in there? I have to leave something behind and it is, without a doubt, something that I will regret not having with me. What if I find the aforementioned litter of puppies abandoned by some heartless beast? How could I carry them all to safety? I mean…that could happen, right?

I know I’m not alone in this. Please, someone, tell me I’m not alone in this. Whether it be purses or shoes or sexy undies, we all have something, right? We all have that one item that we couldn’t possibly need more of, but can’t stop buying. I want to know… What is your shopping fetish? Perhaps we could start a support group (or at least tell each other where the really great deals are!)

While you are pondering your answer, let me take a moment to wish you, no matter what or how you are celebrating, a very happy holiday season. Thank you all for being so wonderful to us here  at LLL, we cherish each and everyone of you!


8 thoughts on “Fetishes…of the purse kind

  1. You are definitely not alone. I love purses and they have to have the right pockets, look, feel, and everything. I have a closet full and rotate through them.


    • Yes!!! Pockets are essential. My current bag has ten pockets, three pen holders, and the inside has a middle section that is a zippered compartment. One half is padded for my laptop. It is exquisite. Seriously, if having sex with purses was option, this bag would be my go-to. Wait, is that weird? Meh, don’t care.


  2. I can relate to the purse-thing. They have to be big enough to carry my stuff and have places in them so I can find said stuff. Of course anything I am looking for in my purse is always at the bottom – always. Even with pockets and zippers and compartments. It’s a universal rule of physics for purses.

    I will confess to being hard on my purses. Yes, I am a purse sadist — I abuse them so much that I can’t justify spending too much money on the essential stuff-carrier. My poor purses are so ragged by the end of a season that not even Goodwill wants them, even if they have a designer name on them. The only good thing about being a purse destroyer is I get a new purse at least twice a year. 🙂

    My next victim, er, purse, is sitting on a shelf, waiting to take over from my current purse. I figure I’ll be starting the New Year with a red leather Anne Klein that I got on sale (marked down 3 times!) at SteinMart. I’ll then give my current leather (faux ostrich pattern) London Fog purse (also bought at SteinMart marked down drastically – seeing a pattern here?) a decent burial. R.I.P.


  3. LOL I love big purses. If I would ask hubby to take something out of it, he would bring it to me and say: “No way I am putting my hand in there!!!” LOL Because my son is always with me, it feels like I could live out of my purse and you are right, if I take something out of it, for sure it will be the one thing I would need that day.
    I collect scarves, the softer the better 😀

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!


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