Sex and Mozart

Sex and Mozart. You wouldn’t think the two things go together, huh? Happily, in my world, they do.

I’m honored to have the talented Parker Kincade and Daisy Banks doing some beta reading for me right now on my incubus romance Night Lover. Thanks to these ladies and their eagle eyes, I’ll be able to submit this one soon and hope it will be of interest to readers. It blends two of my passions: the paranormal and classical music.


My readers may not know I am intimately acquainted with the world of Mozart’s music. For a couple of years after finishing university, I was a classical soprano in a Toronto chamber ensemble and studied singing for a long time. My favorite concert was Mozart’s Requiem, in which I sang in the chorus. Some of the most haunting music ever composed, Mozart’s Requiem moves me as no other piece does. Once I started writing, I knew I would return to this heart-wrenching composition and feature it in my own artwork.

But is it sexy enough to be part of a romance novel? I certainly believe so.

Night Lover features a classical soprano heroine, one with demons (literally and figuratively). As she struggles with memories and career aspirations, she becomes victim to a rather enticing incubus. An incubus is a demon who comes to women at night, seducing them in sometimes frightening ways. Victims of this phenomena often report a shortness of breath, as if someone is sitting on their chests. Google it and you’ll see some gruesome images. My incubus is much sexier, of course, and my heroine Renata isn’t quite sure she wants to get rid of him.

However, hero Finn makes it clear he won’t tolerate demon shenanigans and tries to help Renata dispel the oddly seductive creature. It becomes harder to do when Renata realizes her incubus has a history, one that fills her with sorrow and the need to save him.

All of this is set against the backdrop of Mozart’s Requiem and a music festival at an English country estate. It deals with the themes of faith, forgiveness and grief and I hope it will strike a chord in all who read it. I want this romance to sweep you away to a more genteel time and that readers will fall in love with old Wolfgang as well.

He really did know how to write a good tune.



12 thoughts on “Sex and Mozart

  1. Rosanna, I am excited and intriqued with the premise of Night Lover and can not wait to see how the incubus materializes. I look forward to reading it! As a fellow Canadian I have enjoyed all of the Canuk references in your work. I particularly loved the Gemini Shifter series for that reason. Thanks Rosanna for giving Canada a place in your novels!


    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, Brooke! I appreciate you reading. As a proud Canadian, I don’t think I could write any other way. Canada has pretty much appeared in one form or another in most of my books, and it will in Night Lover too. Renata, my heroine, travels from Toronto to London. I know we all love our homes and it’s been an honour for me to be able to include my country in my writing. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I love to Requiem. Back in the old days when I could still play piano, Mozart was one of my favourites. I regret I never had a chance to hear you sing. I certainly do enjoy your wonderful books though. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thank you, Tracey! Yes, I’m afraid I only sing in books now. The voice has gotten old and gnarly. LOL I’m sorry I never heard you play piano. I took lessons but never made it past grade 5. Not good. LOL


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