Name that character

I don’t know about the rest of the authors out there, but I rarely get a chance to name my characters. They always come to me with their names, personalities, and just about everything else firmly in place.

“This is my story, and this is how you’re going to write it.”

My imaginary friends tell me that a lot.

However, with this new Stonehill Romance series I’ve been working on, there is one character whose identity wasn’t quite set in stone. There were circumstances around his name that had to change a few times before I finally settled on one for him.

Well, let me set the scene… Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. Both are too shy to do anything about it. Finally, graduation night, boy knows he’s leaving and doesn’t want to miss what he is certain is his one and only shot to  tell girl that he likes her. They end up in bed. He leaves before she finds out she’s pregnant. She’s sent away and they don’t see each other for twenty-seven years. But then, one night he sees her again…and his son… and then this happens:

Road ad 1_philcollins


So, this kid had a few names. First, his name was Delbert McClinton–Del for short– because he was conceived in 1981 and one of the top songs of the year was “Giving It Up For Your Love.” But then…lightbulb!…my kids and I love Barry Manilow! So…his name was Barry Manilow. That only lasted until I realized my hero’s name is Harry and that was just too….ick. Harry smiled at Barry. No. that didn’t work for me. So he went back to being Del.

But then, I decided to tie this book to the next one, the main characters in this book would know one of the characters from my next book. So, I had to change their ages and Delbert McClinton was now conceived in 1986. Looking at the music teens would have been listening to at that time, I had a few choices: Rod Stewart, Phil Collins, and Mr. Mister.

Phil Collins won out.

It was a tough decision, but Mr. Mister just didn’t feel right…haha!!

Out of all my characters, this was the most–er–interesting naming so far.

How do you go about naming your characters?



Prime in Print

MM_TPC2_PrimeSelection_250x400Prime Selection, Book 2 in the Prime Chronicles, will be available for print during the first week of February.  Sorry, can’t be more exact than that since when I hit “Publish” it only immediately goes live at the CreateSpace on-line store. It will appear soon after at Amazon on-line outlets.

Science Fiction Romance. Retail Price:  $13.95, trade paper, 338 pages.

I will post links on my web site, my FB page, and my Twitter feed as soon as it goes live on Amazon.

This book is currently out as a Liquid Silver Books e-book at all the major on-line retailers.  Just in case you missed it and like to read on your e-reader instead. 🙂

Here are the links to Prime Selection in e-book formats:

Liquid Silver Books




What is Prime Selection about?


Commander Nadia Petrovich, Science Officer of the Alliance Starship Galanti, has a problem—which has nothing to do with science. Her problem is Commander Huw Caradoc, the Galanti’s Chief Engineer. She and the stubborn Prime male have a growing connection he refuses to acknowledge—a bond that could drive him mad.

They are connected psychically and the bond grows stronger every day. If Nadia didn’t know it was impossible, she would suspect they were mating in the Prime tradition—a biological imperative that locates and marks a Prime’s optimum mate. But she isn’t Prime, as Huw tells her and anybody who’ll listen.

Nadia’s emotional anguish couldn’t have come at a worse time. The Prime and Galactic Alliance merger is finally under way, and the all-male Prime crews are learning how to work with female Alliance crew members. The Antareans threaten the outer arms of the Milky Way, and Prime rebels wreak havoc on the Prime home planet and elsewhere.

Despite the conflict surrounding them, Nadia and Huw will not be able to avoid their fate or their growing love. Prime selection will make the decision for them whether the timing is right or not.


Sunrise, Cejuru Tarn

Galactic Alliance Commander Nadia Petrovich, recently appointed science officer of the Starship Galanti, scanned the flat plain upon which the Prime Military had built their fortifications. She hunted for movement, for anything out of place, to clue her into the enemy’s position.

The “enemy” in this instance was the Prime Elite squadron that had been selected to challenge the battle-readiness of Gold Squadron and its newly merged Prime and Alliance soldiers. The real reason for the joint exercise was to test whether Prime soldiers could work effectively with the female soldiers of Gold, which was why Nadia was in charge of this particular session and her equal-in-rank Prime counterpart, Commander Aeron Ard, was not.

Nadia took in a deep breath of the thin, cool morning air, appreciating the fact Tarn had enough oxygen in its atmosphere that they could do away with head-to-toe survival gear. Then something in the air made her stiffen. She looked around and saw nothing to cause the uncomfortable feeling. Her skin prickled and the fine hairs on the nape of her neck stood on end. Her pulse increased as adrenaline flooded her bloodstream. Her body’s fight-or-flight response had kicked in big time—but over what?

Something wasn’t right on Tarn. This feeling of impending danger had been there in one way or another since her Gold Squad team had been dropped off on the planetoid two standard hours earlier. She’d written the feeling off as nerves for the upcoming training session, but now, with her scouting partner alongside, it forced its way to the forefront of her mind.

For the second time in as many minutes, she swept her gaze over the flat, dry land toward the octagon-shaped compound built of the gray limestone found on the planet. It was built for optimal defense with three of its sides abutting the foothills of Tarn’s main mountain range and the other five facing the stark, flat plains of what was once an ancient sea. The compound’s perimeter was fully lit, but the military facility inside looked abandoned. Her empathic senses told her that was a lie.

The buildings teemed with the emotional auras of sentient beings—a chaotic cloud of emotions that created the anxiety she felt.

But where were the perimeter guards? Where were the Prime scouts who should have been scouring the land and gaining intel on her team for the war games? Was this part of the Prime squad’s plan?

For over the last standard half hour, she and her scouting partner, Commander Joen Dakkin, Communications Officer for the Galanti, had made their way from the mountain cave system where their team had secured a base of operations. They’d seen no one. Something was very wrong, and her heart rate elevated another notch or two.

“It’s been too easy,” she muttered. “Do they think we’re stupid? That we’ll just waltz in because it looks abandoned?”

“If it makes you feel any better, Aeron agrees. It’s wrong. All wrong. Has been since we landed without anyone attempting to score points on us.” Joen’s voice was flat, emotionless.

Nadia glanced at him and instinctively used her empathic ability to test his mood. He was boiling mad under the calm demeanor, a volcano ready to erupt at a moment’s notice.

“Shit. I knew something wasn’t right.” Mentally, she kicked her own ass for not going with her gut. “Our landing wasn’t challenged. When we secured the cave system as our headquarters, Aeron seemed happy, but as we set up base operations he grew more and more concerned. I should’ve confronted him then.”

She’d treated Aeron with titty fingers since she’d been given command of the op. She hadn’t wanted to challenge him overly much, since that might damage his stupid Prime male machismo. All the Alliance female soldiers had been tiptoeing around the Prime males—and the Prime males, around the women. It had been like watching a nature video of skittish she-cats and a bunch of alpha-cats scenting each other out, testing each other’s limits.

Both races still had a long way to go before they understood the other. But then, this training session and others like it had been arranged for that very reason.

Lesson learned—next time her gut told her to challenge the big Prime male, she would.

Since Aeron wasn’t here, she only had the Prime male next to her to obtain the information she needed. Her sense of dread was increasing exponentially now—something bad was coming down. “What do you think is going on?”

Joen scowled and shook his head. “Not sure. But something’s awry. Our empathic feelings are connected to our fellow Prime during battle situations—and that would include the Prime stationed here. Aeron and I sensed nothing on landing. No excitement or anticipation of the war games to be played out. We should’ve sensed something.”

And wasn’t that odd? She sensed all sorts of emotions, so many she had a hard time singling out any other than Joen’s. But unlike the Prime, Nadia’s empathic abilities worked with all sentient beings—and there were sentient beings out there. She just didn’t see them—yet.

Joen stared at the empty plain. The only thing visible out there was scrubby foliage and dust devils as the heat of the early morning sun met the chilled air of the night. He turned to look at her. His eyes glowed with the intense emotions roiling within him. “Aeron chalked the lack of emotional readings, other than our own Prime team members, up to the fact no other Prime were nearby when we landed and set up base camp.”

He scowled and rubbed a hand over his dark, close-cut hair. “But that read wrong also. Any Prime soldier worthy of the name would have, at the very least, established perimeter alarms on the cave system we chose and had spotters in the mountains.”

The caves had turned out to be a storage area for excess supplies and munitions for the military facility and would’ve been a coup for any invading force.

“Plus, why didn’t our opponents challenge our predawn landing?” Joen frowned. “They knew we were coming sooner or later. Prime are always vigilant.”

“We’re on the same page. I had the same thoughts and feelings.” Nadia clenched her jaw. “And there are other intelligent beings on this planetoid—and the emotions I’m picking up aren’t particularly friendly. Call me overcautious, but we need to send our scouting teams back to base, regroup, and figure this out. It smells like a clusterfuck in the making.”

“That’s not overly cautious. It’s a very wise call.” Joen’s golden eyes darkened with his concern. “You’ll find Aeron has arrived at the same conclusions.”

Nadia didn’t particularly care if Aeron had or not. This was her op, her responsibility. If something bad happened, it was on her. There were too many science, engineering, and medical personnel and officers on this particular operation, crew members who normally didn’t get exposed to battle situations. This training was supposed to be not only a test of the newly merged crews, but also a refresher training for skills some hadn’t used since basic training. She refused to risk her people. The situation was feeling more and more explosive.

Nadia switched her com unit to team-wide communications. “All team members are ordered back to base. Code Foxtrot-Uniform-Bravo-Alpha-Romeo. Proceed with caution. Commander Nadia out.”

If it wasn’t FUBAR yet, it soon would be. Her gut was doing backflips at the increasing sense of danger.

“Ard, here. Logistics officer is in total agreement.” Aeron sounded grim. “My teams are securing base camp. Suggest switching to alternate Com Code Tango-Tango-Two-Four.”

“Agreed. All team members switch to Com Code Tango-Tango-Two-Four.” Nadia sighed with relief. Aeron was thinking along the same line—regroup and defense. Maybe, between the two of them, they could figure out what was wrong.

“Let’s pull back, Joen.”

Nadia rose to a crouch behind the boulder where they’d taken shelter. They’d gotten as close to the Prime facility as they could and were about thirty meters away from a side entrance to one of the buildings that did not back up to the foothills. She hadn’t been overly concerned about being seen since their uniform jackets and pants changed colors to blend with the desert and mountainous landscapes surrounding the military facility. Even the laser target sensor vests, which registered the low impulse laser fire for war gaming, had the same ability to merge into the background.

Between their camo and the large rocks scattered on the flat land from some past tectonic activity, she and Joen should be able to retreat as easily as they’d infiltrated. Once they made it into the foothills and the thick forests that grew there and up onto the mountains, they would be home free.

Empathic senses blaring and movement on their right had Nadia tackling Joen to the ground as a stream of laser fire streaked across where his torso had been. If Joen had been hit, it would have registered on his vest as a kill shot.

Instead, the stream hit her arm, and she hissed in pain. The searing burn of a fully powered laser blast shot up and down her dominant arm. Her eyes watered as she inhaled the smell of her burnt flesh and jacket sleeve. Her nerve endings screamed. She called upon every iota of her warrior forebears’ strength to stay alert and aware and not succumb to the bowel-burning pain.

One hundred Gold Squad members relied on her command decisions, and no laser burn would stop her. Only death could do that—and she didn’t intend to meet death today.

“Live fire! Live fire! Code Red. Code Red,” she screamed into her com unit as she shoved Joen behind a boulder.

While she listened for chatter in response to her call, she pulled her laser sidearm. Thank God, her hand still worked. The laser hadn’t cut any major nerves, just all the little painful ones. She rearmed her laser for live fire.

Nadia glanced at Joen who’d rolled out from under her once they were behind cover. He was dirty, but uninjured, and was arming his laser for live fire also.

“Nadia…” Joen’s voice was a low snarl. It reverberated over her skin like a swarm of stinging insects.

His aura glowered in her mind’s eye. The heat of his anger danced and burned its way along the edges of her empathic senses as if seeking a connection, warrior to warrior. And isn’t that strange? The energy flowed from his body in churning waves. So, this is what a Prime male’s battle rage, his batel rabia, felt like. The man could power a transport shuttle on the energy coming off his body.

“Nadia…” Joen touched her hand.

She flinched and pulled her hand away. His touch had disrupted her ongoing sensory scan of him, of their surroundings. She focused on his grim face.

“We have no intrateam communications,” he said. “I can’t raise any of our squad. We have no off-planet communications either.”

“Fuck!” she muttered, testing the air around them for any hint of a further attack. “Can you fix the problem?” As Joen opened his mouth to answer, Nadia motioned for quiet.

The shooter approached their hiding place. He was very close. His eagerness for the kill was palpable; it tasted like day-old meat and copper.

She pointed one finger in the direction from which the would-be killer approached … no, wait … there were two of the fuckers. She added another finger. At this point, she could care less who the shooters were; they’d used live, full-stream laser fire and had attempted to kill Joen. They were the enemy. They needed to be eliminated.

Joen nodded, raised his weapon, and indicated with an angling of his head that he’d go right.

Nadia mouthed, “Go” and went left as Joen dove right; they let loose killing streams at the same time. She nailed her target in the torso and knocked him on his back. Joen’s man was down also.

Joen checked on the two assassins. He turned and sliced his hand across his neck. Both were dead. He hurried to join her as she headed away from the Prime installation.

“Prime?” she asked in a low, noncarrying tone as they used boulders and dips in the land to hide their retreat.

From her quick glance, neither man had the look of a Prime male—who were almost uniformly tall, very muscular, dark-haired, and bronze-skinned with golden or amber eyes—even though they wore the Prime uniform. Some really bad juju was going on. She and her officers would try to make sense of it later—once all her people were safe and their base camp secure.

Nadia only hoped her order to return to base camp had been received. But in case it hadn’t, she headed south to where another scouting team would’ve set up for surveillance of the military facility. She wouldn’t head back to base until she was sure all her scouts were heading in and weren’t under attack. As she and Joen moved swiftly, she listened for the high whine of laser fire.

“Not Prime,” Joen finally answered. A sense of urgency poured off his aura.

She glanced at him from the corner of her eye. His normally bronze skin was more of a pale gold. He was scared—almost sick with it. “What’s wrong?” She looked around searching for the enemy and saw and felt nothing. They were alone for the time being.

“Lia is out with one of the scouting teams.” Joen’s voice held more than concern for a fellow officer; it held gut-wrenching anguish. “She’s a doctor, a healer. She shouldn’t be here.”

“Lia’s a trained Alliance soldier. This is exactly where she should be. Give her some credit.” Nadia would question what was going on between Lia and Joen later. “Stay alert, soldier. We have to get all our people to safety.”

Joen’s lips firmed and his color returned—but underneath, his emotions stirred and reflected rage and determination.

Laser fire sounded ahead of them. They increased their speed. As they sprinted from the cover of one set of rocks to the next, Nadia shoved away the pain of her wound and her worry. This was war—and her soldiers needed her.


MM_TPC1_PrimeObsession_coverfront_250x400Prime Obsession, Book 1 in the Prime Chronicles, is already out in print and you can find it here in print.



Here it is in e-books:
Liquid Silver Books




MM_TPC3_PrimeImperative_cover500x800Coming in March in Print, the third book in the Prime Chronicles series.

A Matter of View

2015-01-27 09.13.43

It snowed last night, just a little, but will probably be gone within hours. No, this is not a black and white picture although it seems to contain little more than shades of gray

This morning, as I considered the dusting of snow we had last a night—a rarity, by the way, for my Eastern Tennessee home—I searched for my morning mountain fix. The fog, or perhaps snow falling in the distance, prevented me from seeing the Great Smoky Mountains I’ve grown to need every morning along with my coffee.

For me, the snow was nothing, but for those who have never lived anywhere else, it was a reason for near panic. The local news showed pictures of empty bread shelves and milk coolers. My Internet news-feed featured similar scenes in New York City where residents prepared for several feet of the white stuff, not inches.

Growing up south of Buffalo, New York, I know snow. I lived with it every winter until after I graduated from college. Learned to drive in it. Winter often started in October and an April snowstorm was to be expected. It just happened, every year, and you dealt with it.

2014-10-24 18.48.28-1

My usual morning view this time of year as the sun breaks over the Smokies. It will eventually burn off the fog rising from the river that runs from the mountains you see in the distance.

It’s a matter of perspective, and experience.

The same could be said for writing.

Each of us brings our own, unique experiences and viewpoints to everything we write and read. Just the other day I wrote a scene that came so easily to me. It was about one of my women assassins, from my upcoming Black Swan series, who was finishing a mission in a Middle Eastern country. She couldn’t wait to shed the abaya she’d been forced to wear in the Muslim nation. Grace, my character, had to follow a male operative around her plane for flight pre-check, because even driving a car was a punishable offense, flying a plane would get her killed.

As a feminist, I felt her oppression, her need to be free once again.

Again, is the key word here. Grace knew what it was to have freedom of choice. She’d grown up in America where we women can do, and be, whatever we want. We learn from a young age about making choices, because we have them.

And it’s not just women. Last year I almost got my friend killed. Yes. Murdered. Executed. He’d asked me for a copy of my first book when it was released. I sent it to him. In Afghanistan. He had to hide it the whole time he was there. Because my book, Explosive Combination, has explicit sex scenes and a strong female heroine, it is banned in many countries.

So, like my character, Grace, who knew she would discard the abaya, and fly her jet and team of women home, I know the snow will melt, and I’ll see my mountains again in a day or two.

But there are women in this world who will never have the perspective those of you reading this do. They will never know the choices we take for granted. They can’t make the choice to read:

  • KaLyn Cooper’s hot, sexy book Christmas in Cancun
  • Lynn Lorenz’s Bayou Des Enfants, a male/male 4+ flames
  • Vanessa North’s Double Upinvolving two men who fall in love with each other
  • Aliens having more sex than you in Monette Michaels’ Prime Claiming, a Prime Chronicles short story,  erotic scifi romance
  • About Jianne Carlo’s Prymal Passion, a SEAL paranormal suspense that’s 4 flames HOT
  • Perhaps Rosanna Leo’s The Stand-In where the male and female have sex before marriage ~slaps face OMG!~ (just kidding, more like ooo-yeah!)
  • You could choose Becca Jameson’s Bound to be Tested,Emergence series Book 3, a BDSM menage m/f/f and 4 flames smokin’ hot
  • Seducing Kate by Emilia Mancini, a cougar/cub erotica and comes in with a 4 on the heat level (who caught the pun?)
  • Who can resist a Cowboy Redeemed by Parker Kincade, a contemporary western romance, M/F, 3.5 flames. 🙂 that’s hot and explicit
  • Robin Danner’s paranormal, slightly hot, shifter romance

We can choose to buy these books and read these books. We bring to these stories our emotional and life experiences, whether it’s as a reader or a writer.

I thank God every day, that I was born in the United States of America, free to make my own choices….and to write hot, sexy romance novels.

~~stepping down off my Rant box now~~

By the way, in the time it’s taken me to write this blog, all the snow has melted and the clouds are lifting. I can see the first ridge of foothills. 🙂

When does my Barbara Cartland life kick in?

If you’ve been reading romance as long as I have, you’ll be familiar with the sassy Barbara Cartland. Although this wonderful dame is no longer with us, she was one of the authors who really paved the way for the rest of us with her tales of blushing maidens and handsome noblemen.


Surely you’ve seen her pictures. The fluffy pink gowns. The fluffy little dogs. The properties in the English countryside. Sigh. Barbara had the life.

As I gaze at her powdered image I do sometimes wonder if the life of today’s modern romance author has paled in comparison. Where’s the glamour? Where are the diamonds? Where is my bouffant hairdo?

I think the romance authors of today need to seize on this idea and create a Cartland-esque existence for themselves.

Take today, for example. Thanks to the recent snowstorm, I was outside at 7:30am shoveling the driveway while my capable sons warmed themselves inside. Somehow I can’t help but think Barbara would have had someone to clear her drive for her. A butler or valet or someone named Jeeves.

I hold down another job, as many of today’s authors do. I actually like my other job so I won’t complain about it, but do you think Barbara stocked shelves at the local Walgreens when she wasn’t writing? I doubt it.

And then there’s the wardrobe. It seems to me every romance author ought to receive several silky gowns when they publish their first book. I’m more likely to sit around in my flannel PJ’s. Comfy, yes, but do I feel like a diva of drama? No.

So what am I going to do? Well, I’m going to ditch my black pencil skirts, ballet flats and neutral makeup. I’m going to fire up my curling iron and put a tutu on my cat. And the next time my family expects me to serve them dinner after a full day of work, I’m going to look around, bat my eyelashes and say, “Ask Jeeves. I’m writing.”

I’ll let you know how it goes. Now where’s my pink boa?

Prymal Passion, Sinner, and Lucifer Available for Pre-order at Amazon!

My release schedule’s final for the first half of this year. Starting on February 5, 2015, and continuing until May, 2015, seven hot romances from be will be released. I’m so thrilled and excited.

Here’s the release pipeline:

February 5, 2015:
Prymal_Passion-Jianne_Carlo-200x320Prymal Passion:
The primal call of Mate Claim sparks a battle among the three species of shifters—Wylfen, Feral, & Rogue—and has for generations. These violent feuds incite hunts by humankind, driving shifters near extinction. To protect their people the aristocratic Wylfen ban the practice of Mate Claim. When a Rogue alpha claims a Wylfen female, the mated pair forms a coalition with a Feral male. An alliance is created: Prymal, a new species & pack born of Rogue, Wylfen, & Feral. And war begins…

Rogue Shifter Bandit Jackson lives for the moment. At thirty-seven, he’s resigned himself to life without mate and makes out like a bandit in all walks of life. No commitments, no strings, tons of women, wine, and eclectic food. The last thing he expects is to recognize the woman who’s trespassing on his property as his mate. Kata’s on the run with her daughter and agrees to stay with him only until she finds the sanctuary she’s seeking. Can Bandit live up to his nickname and steal Kata’s heart before she leaves him?

March, 2015:

Navy SEAL Sinner is no choir boy. Deployed to fight an out-of-control brush fire in Alaska, Sinner is the last smokejumper to exit the plane. Sinner veers off course, his chute fails, his reserve opens, and he’s knocked unconscious when he lands in a pear tree. Sinner awakens in a cabin to the sight of a woman with the face of a Madonna and the body of a stripper tending to him.

Destiny is in Alaska, armed with whips, cuffs, and copies of “classic”—who knew?—porn movies, to “sex up” former bestselling author Nadine Roland’s latest manuscript. It’s make or break it time for Destiny, career wise. The last thing she needs is a car that won’t start, a fricking blizzard, and a SEAL named Sinner who thinks she’s into BDSM because of her ‘toys.’

Sinner doesn’t believe Destiny is a book editor, not for a second. He knows they’re trapped in the cabin for at least two days. When the lights go out, Sinner knows exactly how he’s going to stay warm.

Lucifer’s hired to find a runaway bride—the daughter of close friends of his parents who are strict Hindus.

After Nalini seduces Lucifer, the love of her life, she discovers he’s been hired to find her by the groom she jilted at the altar—could fate be more cruel?

What’s Lucifer to do when he discovers Nalini’s the mystery woman from his recent one-night-stand? The one where the condom broke?


April, 2015:

The last person Devil expects to see in a BDSM club is the best friend of his buddy’s new wife, Jessica Blaine. The all-American apple pie woman he wants so badly it’s her face he sees every orgasm for the last nine months.

Is she playing? Exploring? Tough, she’s on his turf now, she’s put herself up for auction, and by God she’s his for the night.

Jess is scared spit less. She’s going to sell her services to the man who may have killed, Aung, the college student she mentors who vanished three weeks earlier. When the wrong man, a masked stranger, wins the auction, she has no choice but to proceed. Horrified when she responds to the masked stranger, Jessica flees.

Devil lets her go fully intending to reel her in. His way

You speak English flawlessly.” With a hint of an Irish accent. Intriguing.
“Gracias. Languages are easy. Not like the physics.”

What a piss-assed conversation to be having in the middle of the ocean with a woman he’d just rescued from certain gang rape, being shot, and who knew what else. A curvy, luscious female whose virginity he’d just taken in front of four armed men. Talk about the best laid plans backfiring, Demon’s carefully plotted scheme to capture the man who abused him, Pedro Nunez aka The Smiling Killer, was not off to a good start.

“What’s your name?”
“Jacinta Nunez.”

Jacinta claims to have lived her whole life in a cloistered convent. Claims she’s an orphan. Claims she’s only lived in the outside world for fifty-seven days. Yet she’s the mirror image of Pedro’s sister, Rosa.

The sister Pedro murdered fifty-seven days ago. There are no coincidences in life. Not for a SEAL.Is Jacinta Pedro’s ultimate revenge on Demon?

Retired SEAL, Satan ranks liars and talk show hosts lower than ambulance chasers on his list of contemptible occupations, so he goes AWOL when his mansion’s the site of a New York blueblood charity option. He returns home after the event’s over and his doorbell rings. The stunning red-head at the door’s late for the auction and needs his bathroom urgently. He invites her in with the intention of wooing her to stay.

Angel Dare, darling host of the NY talk show circuit, plans to avenge her brother’s murder. Her scheme is a suicidal one—she doesn’t expect to come out of the mission alive.
The instant, powerful attraction to Satan stuns her. When he seduces her into spending four days with him having nothing but monkey sex and fun, she agrees. Better to go out with a bang (or four days of it) than a whimper.

Long ago, Satan resigned himself to a solitary existence. Angel dropkicks that notion into another galaxy, but she won’t commit to a relationship with him. When she leaves, he discovers that his Angel’s nothing but a rabid liar and a frigging talk show host. Furious, he resolves to cut her out of his life.

Then Angel goes missing while she’s playing carnival in her homeland, Trinidad. Jess, Satan’s buddy’s wife, begs him to find her friend Angel. Why should he bother about the deceitful woman who abused his emotions?

May, 2015:

Prymal Hunger:

The primal call of Mate Claim sparks a battle among the three species of shifters—Wylfen, Feral, & Rogue—and has for generations. These violent feuds incite hunts by humankind, driving shifters near extinction. To protect their people the aristocratic Wylfen ban the practice of Mate Claim. When a Rogue alpha claims a Wylfen female, the mated pair forms a coalition with a Feral male. An alliance is created: Prymal, a new species & pack born of Rogue,Wylfen, & Feral. And war begins…

The Kydd, aka Kydd Kolton, leads a charmed life. A Feral wolf and retired UFC fighter, he’s parlayed his toned bod and surfer good looks into an acting career. Rich, famous, handsomer than sin, the Kydd’s never had to lift more than a pinky or a perfect brow to snare a woman. Until he meets Helle, a human female, whose sole purpose in life is to torture him.

The great news is that Prymal Passion, Sinner, and Lucifer are all available for pre-order on Amazon. Here are the links:

Prymal Passion:



On this merry Monday, I beseech you—go forth and pre-order!



Guest Blogger Allie Ritch!

Vampires. The very word conjures up sexy and delicious images for a paranormal romance lover. Pair those images with the writing of the talented Allie Ritch and you have a surefire hit. I’m very pleased to welcome Allie as she tells us a bit about her new release Drinking Partners (isn’t that a clever title?). Please show your love and comment today. I know you’ll want to read this one. I certainly do!



@AllieRitch’s Drinking Partners Puts The Bite Back In Romance

Thanks for having me at LL&L! I think it’s important that I be here today to warn readers about my paranormal romance, Vampire Territory 1: Drinking Partners. In fact, I think it’s my public duty. This is serious business. Readers, you should not read Drinking Partners if any of the following apply to you:

  1. You are offended by hot vampire sex. We’re talking heart pumping, fangs extended, mind-blowing multiple orgasms that are not for the prudish.
  1. You are anemic or have other cause for being outraged by blood drinking. Frankly, I think as humans we should be wary on principle, although I understand master vampires Alex and Lucas have instituted human-rights laws within their territories.
  1. You have a heart condition and need to avoid excitement and action. The gun play alone could give you palpitations, not to mention the one love scene when Lucas puts a hole in the drywall with his…never mind. Just take deep breaths and think of calm blue water.
  1. You have a reading addiction and for some strange reason wish to fight it. Once you start reading Drinking Partners, you may not be able to put it down.

You have been warned! Now you may read the blurb and excerpt below at your own risk.

Blurb: Being the master vampire for the Mid-Atlantic Territory is a tough job. Between the Human Rebellion trying to kill him with poisonous suicide donors and snobby born vampires bucking his authority, Lucas Thane has his hands full. What he needs is a regular drinking partner to feed from and a bigger power block. He finds both in the form of Alexandra Gage, the master of the territory south of his.

Alex could use a little help herself, but she has no intention of letting Lucas take over. Turned into a vampire against her will, she has had enough control taken from her. She’ll never let Lucas usurp her right to rule, but will she let him steal her heart? Passion ignites between them, and it’s amazing what vampire bodies can do.


Excerpt from Vampire Territory 1: Drinking Partners:


“You’re afraid of me.”

“I’m not stupid.” His statement pricked her pride and made her defensive. “I can see you’re powerful and cunning, and I find it hard to believe you came all this way to make friends.”

“Ah.” She got the feeling she went up in Lucas’s esteem. “You’re not entirely wrong. I came here to size you up.”


“If you’d been another Gyula Tavarius, I would have gone for your head already.”

“You assume you can beat me?” She wasn’t altogether certain he was wrong.

He tsked at her. “I’m not stupid, either. If I wanted to kill you, I’d at least use Zander as backup.”

“Two against one isn’t a fair fight.”

As he stared back at her through the cracked door, his eyes went flat. “I don’t fight fair. Not when lives are on the line.”

“Good to know.” That should have been her cue to get as far away from him as possible, but she couldn’t fault him for his honesty. “I’m nothing like Tavarius, so where does that leave me?”

“It leaves you whispering at me through the door. Not the usual behavior of a master vampire, but I haven’t made up my mind about you yet. I question your ability to rule here. As long as you keep hiding instead of publicly taking control, the others will continue to attack you and fight for power.”

But how could she take control when she was on her own? She was one against many.

Alex didn’t confess her doubts to him, though. “I thought I’d start by taking your suggestion and making an example of recent challengers.”


There was a long moment of silence—the first awkward pause she’d felt in her conversation with him.

She hesitated. “Do you plan to come back tomorrow night?”

“Do you want me to?” He watched her so closely she checked her hood again.

Although she worried about giving him too much influence, she was more concerned that he’d leave and never come back. “Yes.”

“Then I will, but only if we shake on it.” Lucas wore a challenging smirk as he held out his hand.

Alex stared at it as if it were a wire snare. If she took his hand, would he notice hers was small and feminine? Vampires didn’t get calluses, so it wasn’t as though her smooth skin would give her away. She had a strong urge to touch him, but there was another risk.

“Do you plan to grab hold and yank me out?”

He kept his hand where it was. “I don’t need to resort to tricks.”

“You already confessed you don’t fight fair.”

His grin broadened. “Ah, but we’re not fighting, are we? Where’s that trust we were working on?”

If he planned to hurt her, she supposed it was better to find out sooner rather than later.

Before she could lose her nerve, she thrust her hand through the crack in the door and pressed her palm to his. His fingers were warmer than she expected. A bolt of sensation traveled up her arm on contact. It made her cheeks flush and her nipples tighten, and she was pretty sure every hair on her body stood up at attention. She was glad she was hooded and mostly hidden behind the door, though he probably noticed her accelerated heartbeat.

Lucas tightened his fingers—a tease or a warning?—before he let go.

She jerked her hand back and cradled it against her chest. It still tingled.

“I’ll see you tomorrow night.” He dropped his voice so low she had to lean forward to hear him.

Alex caught herself and straightened her spine. “Tomorrow then, but come after midnight. I have an errand to run first.”

If she was lucky, she’d live through it and be here to see Lucas Thane again.



Drinking Partners is available at Loose Id, Amazon, ARe, and other places where e-books are sold.


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A series is born!

Okay, I think it’s safe to say, as far as my publishing experience goes, I’m a tad bit behind my LL&L counterparts. I’ve been busy getting my education on the last few years. But I’m slowly starting to catch up.

I’m about to venture into my very first ::gasp:: self-publishing venture. I know many of my fellow authors have done this a hundred times and don’t think twice about jumping in, but me…little ‘ol me?…I’ve always had the safety net of a publisher to fall back on. There is absolutely no doubt I’m going to whine, cry, drink…wait, I do that every day. Anyway, one of the best parts of our little literary orgy is that we offer up a great amount of support…which I will likely mooch off well beyond good manners allow. (Whoops! I don’t think I’ve told the girls that part of my plan…)

Any of you who follow me on Facebook know that I kind of disappear when I’m deep into a book. And, boy, have I ever been deep in it! This book I just finished writing, the first in the series, has drained me emotionally. I’ve determined that when I’m writing for my pen, Marci Boudreaux, no book is complete without a good bout or two of ugly crying. You know ugly crying…when your face scrunches up, snot threatens to bubble out your nostrils, and drool is on the verge of sliding down your chin right before you realize it and gulp it back down between heaving sobs.

Book two also did this to me, but it was the first book I wrote before realizing I was going to make this a series. And why did I make it a series? Because my editor, who sent me a picture of her ugly crying in the airport while working on the book, insisted it was good enough to be so.

After pondering for some time, I created this little fictional town called Stonehill, Iowa. It’s a suburb of Des Moines since book two plays out in that area.  Apparently in Stonehill everyone has a broken heart that needs mending. And I’m really looking forward to doing that. Probably with a lot more ugly crying.

I have three releases scheduled for this year and two already planned out for 2016. I’m very excited about this venture and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I know I will! Here’s a little sneaky peeky:

series banner

 In Stonehill, every heart deserves a second chance.

The Road Leads Back – Coming April 3, 2015The Road Leads Back_FINAL

Kara Martinson and Harry Canton weren’t exactly high school sweethearts, but they did share one night neither will ever forget. Twenty-seven years later, Harry surprises Kara at an art gallery opening and discovers he left her with more than just memories when he went away to college. Desperate to connect with the family he never knew existed, Harry convinces his son to move to Stonehill—and pleads with Kara to come, too.

Kara hasn’t stepped foot in their hometown since the day she was sent away to a home for unwed mothers. Now Harry’s back in her life and as they put together the pieces of his parents’ betrayal, old heartaches start to feel anew. She wants to be near her family, but returning to Iowa means facing some things…and some people…she isn’t quite ready to.

Can Harry convince her to forgive the past so they can embrace the future they were robbed of so long ago or will the pain of the past be too much for Kara to overcome?


Friends Without Benefits – Coming July 10, 2015Friends Without Benefits_FINAL

Dianna Friedman never expected her husband to leave her. Who does? But she’s making the most of what she has left–a sarcastic near-grown son, a boss who more than crosses the lines of appropriate behavior, and a mountain of bills that just keeps growing. She’s in over her head, but she is determined to survive.

She’s doing okay, even if she does spend most of her life watching TV in yoga pants and ignoring her best friend’s unwanted advice. When Paul O’Connell knocks on her door and asks her to testify against his wife/her husband’s mistress, Dianna begrudgingly agrees.

Dianna and Paul become fast friends and maybe a tad bit over-dependent on each other, but who are they hurting? No one. At least not until Dianna’s life takes yet another unexpected twist and she and Paul have to step back and reevaluate everything…including  what they mean to each other.

The Forgotten Path – Coming October 16, 2015The Forgotten Road_FINAL

No one has ever accused Annie O’Connell of backing down from a challenge. She’s tough as nails and that’s what everyone has come to expect from her. But even the strongest of people need someone sometime.

Marcus Allen has loved Annie for as long as he’s been working at O’Connell Realty. They toyed with dating once, but Annie is more than gun shy when it comes to relationships. Even so, Marcus would stand by her through thick, thin, and everything in between. If only she’d let him.

When tragedy strikes and Annie is left feeling vulnerable, Marcus does everything in his power to make all right in her world again. He just hopes it’s enough to finally break through the walls Annie has has build around her heart.