Happy New Year!!–Some 2015 Plans and A Give-Away!!

MM_TPC1_PrimeObsession_coverfront_250x400Yes, I lucked out.  I get to blog on the first day of the new year. So, let me be the first to welcome you to 2015. I wish you a wonderful and prosperous new year — and hope that you’ll continue to visit me and the other ladies at Love Lust and Laptops.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: Books — books — and more books.

I can’t speak for the other LL&L gals, but I can promise you’ll be seeing more books from me in the upcoming year.

To kick the year off right — I am re-releasing my first book in the Prime Chronicles series, Prime Obsession, in print.  I hit the “publish button” on Dec. 30th, so it should be available for sale soon at Amazon.com (within 3-5 days) and Create Space eStore (now) and other Amazon online outlets (within 3-5 days). The book is the same as the e-book, but with a new cover look.

I also plan on re-releasing, in print, Prime Selection in early February and Prime Imperative in early March.

And in cased you missed it, I released Prime Claiming, right before Christmas, a new short story which takes place during the action in Prime Imperative.  It is currently available at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and B&N. It is scheduled for iBooks on January 5th (if my son and I did it correctly).

As for NEW books in 2015, there will definitely be Storm Warning, Book Four in the Security Specialists International series. MM_SSI4_StormWarning_300x400That is Tweeter Walsh’s book.

I also plan on starting a new trilogy in the Prime Chronicles series.  The first book, still untitled, will be Damon and Susa’s book.  Damon and Susa were introduced in Prime Imperative.

After Damon and Susa’s book, I will then either start SSI Book Five, An Ill Wind, Trey and Fee’s book,  OR, I might pick a secondary character from SSI and turn out a quick novella.  It all depends on my Muse and how hectic my life is.

And how hectic can my life get?  Very. I have a busy year for conventions in 2015. I’ll be at RT in Dallas in May where I’ll be on two panels, be a table captain at the Intergalactic Bar and Grille, and do the book signing. Then I will attend Lori Foster’s RAGT in June north of Cincinnati where I will be doing all sorts of fun things in the Liquid Silver boardroom and do the indie author book signing.  And in October, I’ll be traveling to Raleigh, NC, for Bouchercon where I’ll be signing up attendees for Bouchercon 2016 since I am the registration chair for that con to be held in New Orleans in mid-September 2016 — oh, and I will hostess several other romantic mystery/suspense authors at Booze and Broads III at Mystery Mike’s in the Dealer Room.

As you can see, I have a busy 2015 planned.

What are you planning for the upcoming year? One commenter will receive a free download of Prime Imperative and Prime Claiming. I will take comments through Jan. 2nd.


23 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!–Some 2015 Plans and A Give-Away!!

  1. We’re going to Eve Langlais’ Romancing the Capital in April but no other trips planned apart from that. 2014 was an expensive year around the house lol and several things weren’t in the budget 😦 but needed to be done *shrugging *

    No need to enter me in the draw, I already have all the Prime and SSI books out so far. I love that you’re planning more books in those worlds!!


    • Aww, Peggy, I’d love to be going to Eve’s conference but then I would never get any writing done (that would’ve made three conference months in a row!). Hug Eve for me. And thanks for loving my books enough to own them all. I luurve my fans. 🙂


    • Diana –Hoping that all goes well for you so you can get your house. I still remember buying our first house (interest rates were 22%!) – we bought on a land contract with an end of year bubble (which meant we had to find a mortgage by then) – that’s when adjustable rate mortgages were created (we’re talking 1981) – and we just managed to find a mortgage when the one year land contract ended. I was stressed out to the max by then, BUT I LOVED my house. Have had several since then, but that first one is still in my heart. Hugs, and keep me posted.


  2. I wish I could say I was planning on attending some cons this year, but unless PCH comes knocking on my door it won’t be in the budget. Maybe some day one will come close enough to Jacksonville, FL that I can check it out. Wishing you all the best for 2015 and hope all your plans come to wonderful fruition. 🙂


  3. It would be great to attend one of the conventions and meet a favorite author, but I don’t see that happening in the near future. Two cars in 2014 stretched my budget as far as it will go. I’m hoping the changes in 2015 will all be positive.

    Don’t enter me – I have all your books and reread them often.


    • Two cars. Yes, that messes with a budget. I’m keeping my car until it dies. I love my car. The mechanics want my car which means it is good and well-maintained — so I’m keeping it. (It’s a 1999 Volvo S70 Turbo and it has a stick shift). And I ❤ you for having all my books and that you re-read them. That makes my author soul happy.


  4. No winner yet. I’m leaving this open for comments throughout the day. I’ll choose one later tonight and post it tomorrow. So, keep commenting, people. There’s two free books on the line here for one lucky winner.


  5. Wow, you have a lot planned – yay for us readers lol I hope to NOT have to buy a new truck for the husband this year, so fingers crossed on that note. I hate to do resolutions, as I always break them, but….it would be nice to lose a few pounds and hit the lottery 🙂 Otherwise, strive to be a nicer person (I work with the public – it can be so hard sometimes!!!)


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