My Plans for 2015 by Lynn Lorenz/Theodora Lane

This year I’ll be working on a few projects – one is to take back some of my backlist books and self-pub them at a much
lower cost. This is mainly a financial decision – at today’s current market price, most of my backlist is too expensive.
So, take back and lower price. A stagnant backlist is a worthless backlist.

Another project is to build more novels under my Theodora Lane name – my m/f traditional romance name. I’m working on a
great new series called Maximus Force, writing the first of three books contracted by Hartwood Publishing, called Logan’s Promise.
Two more books are coming.

I’m also re-releasing my book Wintertail with Hartwood Publishing. It had been under my Lynn Lorenz name at another publisher,
but now it will be where it belongs, with Theodora. And it will sell for less also!

My goal for this year is to write three new Theodora books and finish two more that are in progress.

As for Lynn Lorenz, I’ll be taking back my In The Company of Men series, and self-pubbing them at a much lower price in hopes of
getting them to those buyers who love my books but can’t/won’t spend $5.99 and $6.99 for them. I’ll also be taking back several
stand alone books and lowering the prices.
I’m also got two series with publishers I’m going to continue with – WereWolf Fight League and Locke and Blade.

So, is that enough? Feels like a lot to me, esp. since I’ll be formatting all those books. Luckily, I’ll hire someone to do the
new covers! Yay! No way can I learn Photoshop enough to do that and I don’t want to learn it.

Also, today is the first day of my online teaching project – Polishing Your NaNo Novel for Submittal – over at the YARWA online
chapter. Still time to sign up!

I hope the rest of you have set your goals for 2015! So let’s hear them!
What goals did you set for this year?

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