A Mother’s Prerogative

Tom, Michael and Me _ graduation day_May_11_2014 That’s my hubby, my son, and me on the day he graduated with his third Bachelor’s of Science degree  in May 2014.  This degree in Computer Information Technology is the  one that is taking him away from me for good.  Finally, after one of the worst job markets for new grads I’ve seen since I graduated in 1974 and my son having to move home after obtaining his first two undergraduate degrees, he has a full-time job that pays real money.  Every parent’s dream. 🙂

On February 9th, he will start as a Computer Software Engineer for a huge tech consulting company outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. It even looks as if he will be utilizing all his skill sets — accounting, finance, and computer information technology — in this new job.

Color me both happy and sad.

Happy because he is finally getting a life away from his parents (we can be a trial at times). Sad because he is my rock and I will miss being able to walk downstairs and talk things over with him or run errands with him.

Looking back, I’m not quite sure how we did it, but hubby and I raised a decent, loving young man who is mature beyond his years.  He is also smart, has a dry sense of humor, and is very patient with his parents – -I did mention we could be a trial at times, right?

When my son moves to Cincinnati at the end of this month, yes, I am gonna cry.  Maybe not as much as the first time he moved away to attend University of Oregon, but there will be tears. That first move was particularly hard. He was so young and had never been away from home before. And Eugene, Oregon isn’t easy to get to from the middle of Indiana. He was so far away, and I was concerned about all sorts of bad things that could’ve happened, but never did. Needless to say, he survived, and I discovered that he’d listened to me and his dad and made good decisions. I also learned he was a natural-born caretaker of those around him.

So, yes, he is leaving, spreading his proverbial wings and leaving the nest for good. And as a mother, I will cry and miss him when he leaves. But I won’t worry quite as much as the first time he left home.

Okay, I’ll admit, I’ll worry some — but that’s a mother’s prerogative, right? And Cincinnati is only two hours away. 😉


6 thoughts on “A Mother’s Prerogative

    • It’s always hard letting your kids go. But he needs a life of his own. At his age, I’d been married for 8 years, had worked while hubby was in medical school, and had just entered law school. Different times. He’ll be fine — mom will be a basket case, but my kid will be fine.


  1. I feel for you Moni. It’s bittersweet, proud, thrilled, happy, and sad at the same time. My middle one left for Bangalore for 3 months at the Google office there. I’m feeling the same way, but also a tad on the scared and terrified side. At least your son’s in a couple of hours reach and- on North American soil.


    • Jianne — awww hugs. The moving far, far away could happen for my son also since the company he is with has sites all over the world and customers all over the world. Tech is truly global. So he’s keeping his passport up to date. 😉 Right now, I am happy he is two hours away — so if he gets lonely (ha!) he can come home.


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