Introducing Emmy and other announcements!

Hello Everyone!

It hardly seems possible, but it’s been almost three years since I sold my first book to Liquid Silver Books. Though that book, Two in Winter, was het, by the following spring, I was writing almost exclusively male/male romances, and my last M/F book was released in May of 2013.

Since then, I’ve found that my M/F readers and my M/M readers, while they might share some overlap, are really two different groups. I had to ask myself two questions: Did I want to continue to write het romances? And did I want to continue to write them under the same pen name?

I decided, as I started requesting rights reversions of my earlier work, I’d like to differentiate between the two with a new pen name. Starting this summer, I’ll be releasing M/F erotica under the pen name “Emmy Alouette.” My first releases under the new name will be a three-part series of shorts called the Steampunk Sex Machine–and yes, it is erotica, and it’s pretty darn filthy-hot stuff. If you’ve been looking for more het fiction from me, it’s on its way!

To my M/M fans, don’t worry, I anticipate my primary focus to remain queer fiction. In fact, this winter I sold two contemporary M/M romance novels to Riptide Publishing, and Rough Road, the second Lake Lovelace novel, will be coming out in late September. In the future, any books you see written as Vanessa North will be queer stories, and books written as Emmy Alouette will be het.

If you want to be kept up to date on what’s happening with the Steampunk Sex Machine and other releases from Emmy, follow me as Emmy on twitter:

As always, thank you for reading!



4 thoughts on “Introducing Emmy and other announcements!

    • Thank you Rosanna! I am loving the freedom to write both queer and het fiction without worrying about diluting my brand and still making it easier for my readers to find what they want to read! Steampunk medical kink? GOT THAT. And I had so much fun writing it, that I might have to write a gay version as Vanessa. 😀


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