Love and Movies

Ahhh, February. You little devil you. Just as I was adjusting to January, you snuck out of nowhere with your promise of mid-month sweets and … the movie.

Do I need to elaborate? I thought not. If you live on the planet earth and are, in any way, a reader, you probably know the movie I’m talking about. But, that’s not what I’m here to talk about – not really. With the release of Fifty Shades of Grey movie, there’s been a ton of talk about what romance novels would make good at the box office. That’s what I want us to explore.

RT Book Reviews Magazine ( March 2015 edition includes an article on their top ten “erotica’s that should be movies.” I’m not going to list them here (for copyright reasons), but I will admit I haven’t read a single title they’ve chosen.

© Mariia Pazhyna -

© Mariia Pazhyna –

Now, three of the titles were on my wish list and I’ve added a few more based on the article, but it got me to thinking … what books would I like to see made into a movie? (All of my books are a given … I mean … can you imagine Joe Sterling and Caleb Martin on the big screen? *Swoon*).

To make this even more difficult, I’m limiting my choice to one, since I’d like to hear from all of you on your choices, too. After surfing the hundreds of books on my Kindle, Nook, and iBooks apps, I’ve made my decision. Hard Time, by Cara McKenna.

Hard Time is a gritty, erotic, emotionally-charged romance I believe would translate well to the big screen. Its unlikely hero and unique storyline would have me running to get a ticket. This was the first Cara McKenna novel I read – and then I promptly made my way through her backlist. McKenna has a unique voice and she writes characters who are interesting, flawed, edgy, and very … real. If you haven’t read McKenna, I highly recommend her work.

Okay – your turn. Dig deep, readers. If you could demand any romance novel be made into a movie, which would you choose? Do you have a favorite already made? (Mine is Gone With The Wind).

Author’s Note: Please do NOT post negative or derogatory comments about Fifty Shades of Grey, the book or the movie. Let’s keep it respectful, please.

Until next time …


10 thoughts on “Love and Movies

  1. For me it would have to be Ginn Hale’s “The Rifter.” It’s not just a breathtaking epic fantasy, it’s also one of the most beautiful, gripping, by turns heart wrenching and heart lifting love stories I’ve ever read.


  2. I am not much of a moviegoer – seats aren’t comfortable for me – but I do watch A LOT (too much??) TV & I think your Cowboys would make FABULOUS EYE-CANDY & Maverick Ranch & surrounding area would be an interesting place for a show. Really, who wouldn’t watch COWBOYS & horses & cowgirls & haylofts…. 🙂


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