Valentines Heat and the Tooth Fairy by Christy Gissendaner

I’m hanging my head in shame. Why, do you ask? Simple. A certain author…ahem…forgot to post her last two times. Know what that means? It’s been over a month since I’ve spoken to ya’ll beautiful peeps. I promise I’ll make it up to you for being so forgetful. I prefer the term “busy as heck”, but I honestly did forget. Distracted by life, as usual.

BUT…I do have a new release today actually. So once again, I’ve got to stay on my toes to keep up. I’ll get to my new release in a bit, but I have more good news to share with all of you. My oldest son finally lost his first tooth! Mundane? Maybe so. But as he’s 7, I was starting to get a bit worried that he’ll have his baby teeth forever. Of course now that the first one is gone, he has three more that’s grown loose. Going to catch up for lost time, I guess. The hubby and I had heated debates over what was the appropriate going-rate for a lost tooth. I lost the $20 fight, but settled on $5. Inflation, ya know?

I actually never got visited by the tooth fairy. I remember being soooo disappointed. I searched my mattress and pillows for hours and hours as a young gal. I never put another tooth under my pillow. So when the son lost his, I made damned sure he had something to wake up to. Imagine my disappointment when he wasn’t all that interested in finding his ziplock baggie of money instead of the tooth he’d placed inside it. Then to top it all off, the middle son claimed, “The tooth fairy isn’t real” to which I proceeded to convince him otherwise.

Using a lipstick, I said “She is this tall, with pink hair and she sparkles!” Middle son rolled his eyes, while the youngest (my darling baby) held my gaze seriously, shaking his head and saying “He doesn’t believe.” Yes! Score one for Mama. I just KNEW one of my sons would live in the make-believe world I did, where I would envision I was a princess and dancing at a ball with a handsome prince while birds flittered around me singing a lovely song. Yes, I was THAT kind of girl. I honestly believed in Santa until I was nearly 10.

Imagination has always been my saving grace. It helped me through boredom and some of the events of childhood that weren’t quite so happy. Guess that’s why humor is my second sticking point, huh? Envisioning events, like a pretend ball and the Tooth Fairy’s existence, is one of the reasons I write now. I take the “movies” that play out in my head and put them on paper. Those movies may be a little more X-rated than before though. (wink)

With that thought in mind, I’ll segue way to my new release, “Rated Ex”. (See what I did there?) It can be found in the Valentines Heat III anthology. A blind date mix-up, arranged by the pack, put two ex-lovers together. Sparks fly and they realize maybe they’re not as “ex” as they’d like to think.

Check out my new release at

Happy Friday, and help me keep the Tooth Fairy legend alive!


3 thoughts on “Valentines Heat and the Tooth Fairy by Christy Gissendaner

  1. How horrible that you never had a tooth fairy, Christy! I’m so glad your youngest believes in both Santa and the Tooth Fairy.

    I warned my oldest two sons (four years, three) that if my youngest found out Santa Claus wasn’t real before he was ten, that they would pay. Turns out they all conspired to pretend the youngest believed. When they told me that as adults, I yelled at them. Couldn’t they let me have my happy memories?

    BTW, love, love that title!! Did you come up with the ides?


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