Recovering from The Stand-In release day party


If you know me, you know I’ve written a few books. Exact count: 13 published + the two freebie anthologies with the ladies of Love, Lust and Laptops. I have a couple on the go at any given time and another submitted right now. However, last night was my first release day party!



The party was held on Facebook to celebrate the release of The Stand-In, my brand new contemporary romance. The book is now at as well as Amazon, B&N, ARE, and Kobo.

It took place from 3-9pm and showcased some of my besties as guest authors. I had a blast. There was some pretty man candy, giveaways and games and I think all had a good time. I was able to connect with some new readers and I hope my guests were able to do the same. All told, 160 people signed up- not bad for a first go.

Would I do it again? Absolutely! Would I do it differently? I would have even more coffee.

The readers were awesome! Quite a few stuck it out until the bitter end and one of these readers, Barbi, will be immortalized in one of my upcoming books. That’s right, she’ll have a character named for her…although Barbi is a sweet lady, I’m getting a villain vibe…what do you think, Barbi? 😉

All in all, it was a great night. Thanks to all who attended and very special thanks go to KaLyn Cooper, Monette Michaels, Parker Kincade, Tami Lund and Emilia Mancini for entertaining the troops.

My next book Vice comes out in the next few months. We may just have to host another party…

4 thoughts on “Recovering from The Stand-In release day party

  1. Thanks for letting me be at your first Release party — okay, I’ll admit I just re-read that line and thought some low-minded types might take that in the wrong way. But Rosanna, you know what I really meant. Correct? And thanks to the other gals for covering my time and keeping the action going since I could not actually attend due to a family emergency. My winners were Elizabeth Neal who created a hero and named him. Levi will be a secondary character in a future SSI novel. The other two winners, Sydnee Walsh and Julie Beasley, get to pick a free download from my LSB back list. Congrats, ladies.


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