How Do You Prefer Yours? Warm, Steamy or Sizzling?

Last weekend I attended a book signing at a tiny rural library which was amazingly well attended considering its location. But I didn’t sell a single book.

One of my friends sold several.

Why, I asked myself in after-action analysis? My conclusion is simple; it’s all in how you like it. Warm, Steamy or Sizzling? Contemporary or Historical or Futuristic? Suspense and Mystery? Paranormal Fantasy or Reality? Inspirational or Erotic? Young Adult or New Adult? The Romance genre offers a wide scope to readers.

As many of you know, I write Contemporary Romantic Suspense that’s Sizzling Hot, just shy of erotica. And that doesn’t appeal to everyone.

That fact was evident last Saturday. Of the eight authors present, we ran the gamut: Young Adult, Paranormal and barely warm won the selling prize.

I did have a good time meeting new readers, although they weren’t interested in my sub-genres, and I got to catch up with several local authors I hadn’t seen in months.


Happy Valentine’s Day

I have another book signing this weekend after I give a presentation on the Romance of Writing at a local used book store. Who knows, maybe I’ll even sell a few books. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, maybe attendees will be in the mood for Steamy/Sizzling Contemporary Romantic Suspense.

Tell me, what are your favorite genres and how HOT do you like it? 

12 thoughts on “How Do You Prefer Yours? Warm, Steamy or Sizzling?

  1. I like reads that make me laugh, cry, sit on the edge of my chair in fear and plenty of action. I like these reads with a love story and a happy ever after ending. I’m not really an erotica fan, but can support some hot sizzling scene or two in a novel, but not chapter after chapter of such things. Passion and sex are a large part of life, but they shouldn’t take over the telling of a good story. I love paranormal and fantasy, but not sci-fi and historical romance are dear to my heart.

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  2. Hmm, clean romance and barely warm never do the trick for me. Of course, when the sexual tension is off the charts and suddenly, the love scenes happen behind closed doors all the time, well, that’s when I get pissed. I do like action and paranormal a lot, and sometimes I’m in the mood for suspense and/or contemporary romance. But in all those cases, the romance has to be hot – if the love scenes do not have any heat in them, I’d rather the writer never let the characters be a couple at all! It’s frustrating to keep expecting something and never getting it.
    Still, I don’t think my heat tolerance is really high – like, I would never read BDSM or books that have 3 sex scenes in every chapter. I want it to be hot, but with a dash of moralism in it – does that even make any sense?


    • We have several LL&L ladies that write just your style. Mine are a little more steamy than bonfire like some of the theirs…but the door is wide open and the reader is in their heads.

      Thanks for stopping by today!!


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