Getting Ahead of Myself — My Curse

MM_SSI4_StormWarning_300x400I’m working on Storm Warning, the fourth book in my Security Specialists International series.  I’m at 53,000 words which is just over half way in the book.  The story is moving well.  I know what is going to happen next and how it is going to end.

So what do I do?  I pull the rug out from under my Muse, hijack her by having a contest to create and name a secondary character in a future SSI Book.  By the way, congratulations to Elizabeth Neal and her winning entry — the hero she created named Levi will be featured in SSI Book 5.

So, of course, I begin to plot and plan how to work this secondary character into An Ill Wind (SSI book 5). Whoa, wait a minute — I’m not done with the fourth book yet, right?

Sigh. I’ve always do this to myself: Get into writing one book and then brainstorm another book taking my focus and energy and time away from the current WIP.

I am a very focused, A-type person in my profession and my day-to-day life, but put me in  front of a computer to write and my brain takes side trips which at times turn into very long vacations.

Example: I stopped working on Vanko’s story, Weather the Storm, and wrote Cold Day in Hell.  Risto Smith took my Muse hostage and convinced me his story needed to come first. I hadn’t even known he needed a story. Risto was an extremely minor character in Eye of the Storm, only appearing at the end. Of course, then Cold Day in Hell led to the novella Storm Front so Vanko’s book got even further shoved back. That wasn’t just a short side trip, it was an around the world tour!

Each time I start a new book, I tell myself not to stray. Stay on task. Finish the damn book. And each time my creative side of my brain bitch slaps my analytical, organized side of my brain into next week.

Good news is — this time I will have to stay the course.  Tweeter and DJ’s book has to come before Trey and Fee’s book.  I am placing crucial lead-ins to Trey and Fee’s relationship so Trey can hit the ground running in his book to bring Fee back to Idaho. There will be no dancing around in their romantic relationship since Trey has been courting Fee long distance and visiting her once a month since the end of Stormy Weather Baby.  But other things will happen that endangers their relationship –outside sources kind of things. And, yes, I know what they are and really really really want to write Trey and Fee’s book!

See?  I’m doing it again.  Getting involved in Trey and Fee’s story before Tweeter’s is even done.

Good news is — Book five is in my head, almost full-blown just as Risto’s was.  And that was the fastest 120K words I ever wrote.

Bad news, or good news, depending on how you approach it — I just need to get Tweeter’s 100K done first. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Getting Ahead of Myself — My Curse

  1. Loved this post. Felt tired just reading it. You know I adore this series. Eagerly waiting to read. Of course that will mean reading all the prior books – not that I have forgotten any of them. I just love reading a series of books that are sooooooo good all over again before starting on the latest.


  2. LOLOLOLOLOL anything you write we’ll read. But we’re totally THERE that you need to get them done 😉 On the other hand, I’ve loved some of your side trips (like Risto’s story). One of my absolute favourite re-reads.


    • I liked Risto’s story also– a bunch. Probably why it practically wrote itself. It had all the elements I like in a book — alpha hero, kickass heroine, steamy jungles and wintry blizzards (love it when nature throws in curve balls), and a climactic ending battle. Expect variations of those themes in Tweeter’s book. 🙂


  3. Listen to your muse! Take good notes on the next book…then tie that bitch up and gag her until you finish Tweeter’s book. She’ll fight to get loose, but you are stronger than she is.

    Mine is pouting in a corner right now while I finish my WIP.


    • I can only write one book at a time. 🙂 Which is my problem.

      It drove me nuts to leave Vanko’s story half done while I wrote Cold Day in Hell and Storm Front — and I think I had to write Prime Selection in there somewhere. That notebook with Weather the Storm in it just stared at me, calling to me.

      I now appreciate the authors who only write one series and stick to it and only it. How can they focus on one thing? My Muse would be bouncing up and down and shouting all sorts of other series’ ideas at me. Heck my Muse has a stand-alone (which I know would end up being a series) she has been bitching at me to write for a year now. I even have a title and notes and bios for the lead characters — and that notebook is sitting there taunting me also.

      If I could clone me, I would.


  4. I really enjoyed The Prime Chronicles and this SSI series. I follow your Fb and Web Page, hoping to get dates of your next books. I can understand how all the characters are shouting to be heard, for their turn to tell their story. I have been looking forward to Tweeter and Trey’s stories since ‘Stormy Weather Baby’, which I have read several times already. I was surprised to see Risto’s story before Vanko’s, as he was only mentioned in ‘Eye of the Storm’, but his home area does show major possibilities for scenes in future stories. Pleas do not digress to far from Tweeter’s story, as I am soooooo looking forward to it. Now with a Book 5 on the back of that, this is so cool! I am counting the days. Thank-you for the wonderful characters.


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