What’s in a Name?

MM_SSI4_StormWarning_300x400I am going to start work again on my next SSI book.  Start work, you ask?  Why haven’t you been writing like a fiend, you query?

Life threw me a huge-ass curve ball about the size of a mountain so I had to take a short break. My husband had to have immediate open heart surgery on February 9th.

Being a lawyer by profession and an extreme A-type, I compartmentalize in order to handle stress (and trust me, the love of your life, your mate of 45 years, undergoing quintuple bypass surgery is VERY stressful). But the unfortunate side effect is — my Muse recedes so my focus is all on the stress life has chosen to throw at me this time around.

But all is well. 🙂 He is home and recovering, slowly, but recovering.  So, I can now turn part of my attention back to my work in progress.

When I last worked on the book, I’d left open some names for secondary and not-so-secondary characters.  I am one of those authors who has to know the name of a character in order to write more smoothly.  And, it gets really awkward typing Evil-Villain-formerly-known-as-DoD-Traitor, Henchman, Evil Minions 1, 2, and 3.

Emergency surgery interrupts creative process, and all naming flew out the door.  Now, I am back and I NEED names.  Now! 

Thus I am asking for help. 🙂  I will describe the characters in general who need names and ask for suggestions.  Any names I choose to use, I will acknowledge the person who gave me that name in the front of Storm Warning.  You will also have my undying gratitude since I hate to make up names, but I do know the right one when I see it. 🙂

The first character needing a name contains a SPOILER ALERT for those who have not read Weather the Storm.  Not a big spoiler, but a minor one.

1. Dept. of Defense Capt. Syd MacLean escapes in the early part of Weather the Storm. He escapes to Rio where he undergoes plastic surgery and then takes on the identity of a reclusive Brazilian import-export businessman that he had set up many years ago.  Of course, his business is a front for illegal trafficking of all kinds. I need a name for him.  One that sounds Brazilian.  He also needs an evil nickname since he has a reputation, mostly earned by the men who provide security and enforcement in his illegal activities in South and Central America. He also is making a move to take over businesses in his new persona that he ran in his old – he is doing so in order to throw the intelligence agencies off base.

2.  The man who appears as the front man for Syd’s Brazilian business is a red-haired Irish-looking male.  He is the man who puts together the hack-a-thon that Tweeter and DJ infiltrate in Belize to gather intelligence for NSA about the reclusive Brazilian businessman who is no longer so reclusive and who is making power moves in the Southern hemisphere. He is glib and personable, but underneath he is a shark.

3.  Need a name for the negotiator for Syd’s business.  This is the guy who is GQ handsome in a South American sort of Latin lover way.  He negotiates from a position of strength and power and usually meets little opposition, but when he does he sends in the business’s enforcer.

4.  Need a name for the enforcer.  He is also Latin American, but he looks like he would eat babies for breakfast.  He is scarred from torture in a Colombian prison. He is ruthless.

5.  And I need a name for Tweeter’s alter ego on the Dark Net which is the alter ego he uses to get invited to the hack-a-thon.  I need both his Dark Net handle and false identity name that he and Keely created for him with the DIA’s help so he could troll the shadow net for terrorists, drug runners, gun traffickers and the like.  His reputation on the Dark Net makes him the man to beat out for the job being offered at the end of the hack-a-thon.

Okay, kids, there you have it.  I need names. Help me please!  Thank you. I ❤ you all.


9 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. I’ve got some names for you Moni. They are numbered to correspond to your descriptions. Still thinking of a handle and alias for Tweeter.

    1. Emilio Ruiz
    2. Davin Patrick Cavanagh
    3. Alejandro Salazar
    4. Fabian Cruz

    That’s what I’ve got. Hope it helps.


  2. Here you go…
    1. Stick with the same initials in case of monograms etc – S.M. – Stefan (mean “man with crown” in Spanish) Maximo (from Latin Magnus which means “greatest”). He has enough ego to consider himself deserving of these names.
    2. Something strong Declan O’Riley.
    3. Javier Montero.
    4. Alberto Rossi – “The Albatross” – “He will destroy your life till you beg for death” or something like that as a catch phrase that defines the nickname.
    5. Totally blank – sorry no clue!


  3. Hey Moni, I hope your hubby is doing ok now!
    So, here are my contributions:

    1. I agree with heatherhand, über-villain needs to keep his initials. So I thought Sergio Manuel Lazaro, a.k.a “o raio”, it means the storm or the lightning is brasilian: it could refer to his temper or to the speed with which he delivers death…
    2. Killian O’Donahue… his nickname can be Killian Ruagh which means “the red” Killian. I quite like how it rings.
    3. Edouardo Ramirez
    4. Armando Cortez
    5. For Tweeter, I thought something like Phantom for his handle (he, who is impossible to catch, who lives in the shadows, …) and you could name him Erik Slade.

    They’re not too original but I like them and hope they can inspire you and let you work with ’em!


  4. Some good stuff there, Valy. Thanks so much for helping out. And Tom is doing better each day. I took him out for lunch today — his first trip out since coming home from the hospital on the 15th. He had grilled trout and loved it. 🙂


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